Just About Me

Hey everyone!

First up, thank you for coming across my blog for whatever reason you may have or the lack thereof. Thank you still, even if you just browse away after 1 page view and consequently increase my bounce rate! Tsk

Seriously, now.

The name is Eunice and I'm based in Cebu, Philippines Singapore for now. I'm doing this full-time job in a software limbo which requires me to stare at my laptop most of my day. However, apart from these times, I always find myself daydreaming about the sun, the sea, the mountains and the feeling of being out there! Sometimes, I get lucky to be actually living a few of these daydreams.

So what has this to do with why I started this blog?

(1) Aside from the fact that this blog is one of my numerous impulsive endeavours, there is this significant need to have some written accounts of where I have been, the people I am with, and just basically the food and travel experiences I have in my mundane life. Writing it in a conventional carry-on diary will be impractical for me because I don't have the time. I'm lazy. And there is that 100% fat chance that I would lose it. So why bother?

(2) I need to have these experiences written because I am not one of those lucky ones who are blessed with dependable memories. Story of my life in a nutshell.

(3) With how my feet itch for another impulsive jaunt all the time and how my mind go in sync with my feet, I need to have some sort of list of how far or how near I have been in the Philippines, in the world, or in the outer space even! A girl can certainly dream!

(4) The last is to probably improve my English? Because in one of my alter egos, I have high hopes for being someone who is articulate when it comes to writing. Someone who can write poignant stories and best-seller books, if that's too much to ask. But in reality, I am just this ordinary human being who can occasionally come up with words about the things inside her mind. With less care if my composition would turn out to be profound or not. 

Now if you happen to identify some mistakes in my grammar, spelling, or whatever English point you may have (because you are the respected grammar and spelling nazi), send me a comment in that post or even here and I will address that ASAP. Do it nicely please. I also have feelings, you know.


I could come up with other reasons but I have picked the 4 most relevant.

I'm not really sure if you ever find my blog helpful. But if I can remember, I will try not to overdo my emotional outburst in my posts and have them more informative and useful for the general audience.


Visually, this is me whenever such daydreams
are in my grasp. I mean for that split second when
I can contain my squeals.