Sunday, July 26, 2015


Travel Joy Hostel, London

So I made it to London last year and a bit of the United Kingdom for a week. I know, such a very short time, given the fact that I needed to travel 16 hours by plane and subsequently, manage a 7-hour time difference. But when the impulse gets the better of me, I am willing to withstand anything even it meant, it'd be against all odds. Oh my! What a melodramatic way to start this post. haha

Anyway, after I successfully navigated my way from the airport to central London, a glorious sunny day welcomed me. Quite a surprise really, having known the infamous weather of this city. I might have packed the sunshine together with me because never it did rain in my entire stay! I even brought an umbrella, which only turned out to be an added weight to my luggage. Pfft! But the unusually fine weather seemed to support this whirlwind adventure!

Grosvenor Road, London

And without much further ado, I braved London with obvious glee and excitement! Of course, I had an essential help from my phone, which was most importantly installed with an offline map. Dropping my luggage at my hostel, I quickly headed over to the bus stop that was merely a few steps away and waited for the Bus 24 that would take me to places, I fancied to go first.

To be honest, I didn't worry that much about being in London for the first time because I reliably just hopped on buses like any local would do. Perhaps, the idea that I won't have to overcome another language barrier, made all the difference. And maybe a dose of Alice-in-Wonderland confidence sealed the deal.

Hello London!

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