Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fontana di Trevi

Trevi Fountain

Eager to squeeze in more activities, we decided to end our day at the historic Trevi Fountain after a full day excursion in the Vatican. This trip happened way back in October 2013 so chances are, I am already forgetting the little details. Like for instance, how we got ourselves here in the fountain from the Vatican. I think we took the Metro. I think...

Anyway, it's no longer important. Let's give it to Google maps or any other navigation map to handle this issue.

One thing that still resonates me up to this very day is the overwhelming crowd at the fountain! If only we could have allocated our fountain visit in another time, I'd be most likely to run away that night.

Trevi Fountain
Just because there's that Nutella ad with the Grand Pas.
They have their names on the Nutella jar, which reminds me of the recent ad by Coca-Cola.

Trevi Fountain

When we arrived at the fountain, we faced a very large crowd, like there was some concert happening. But the only thing I saw was those enigmatic frozen statues in the front and the closest music that I could hear, was the sound of the rushing water.

Okay, since we were already there and contending crowds was something that we already got the hang of that time, we chose to stick around.

My cousin and I found our little space in one of the steps, that we shared among hundreds. We just sat there, trying to come up with a brilliant strategy on how we could get close to the fountain.

Trevi Fountain

At first, this distance would do. My dear cousin holding a 1 Euro coin, ready to be thrown to the fountain. But not just yet at this point. Someone could have catch it midway! lol

And then finally, we got close to the water after much prodding through the crowds. We were able to ask one person (because I can no longer recall if it's he or she!) for our quick photo before we parted from our 1 Euro coins.

I hope those coins will really do their magic and that, we can go back to Rome or other places in Italy! I am not sure though if we should be doing the exact way in throwing the coins, to make it work.

I must admit that our Trevi Fountain visit was sort of like, ticking off an imaginary list. We were just there for the sake of being there. But maybe this feeling is only attributed by the insane number of people around the fountain that night. There are around 2000 fountains in Rome but the Trevi Fountain just draws the crowds! Yeah, us included.

We even saw an incident between a photographer and a group of teenagers. In the midst of the busy crowd, a raucous suddenly erupted out of nowhere. You see, there are a lot of men with Polaroid cameras, walking around the fountain to sell their trade. They would speak to you very nicely and ask if you would want a souvenir photo. A certain photographer was berating a girl because she didn't want to buy her photo. The unsuspecting girl might have readily struck a pose, when the photographer asked her. Then, her companions came to her rescue. The man was already insisting hard, that he sounded scary. He only receded when the teenagers mentioned about calling the police, and the other photographers advised him to let it go. He must be having a bad night, thinking he could already earn some money. I don't know if such photographers are still earning their keep, because everyone now carries a camera and selfie is already the norm in today's world.

Dining in Rome

Dining in Rome

To regain our strength from the stress we experienced in the fountain, we rewarded ourselves with food. They may look nice in the pictures but it was not really outstanding. The pizza tasted like it came from a frozen dough. I wish we could have a better experience with food in Rome but after much sightseeing, we could only settle readily to what's nearest and convenient. Rome, I was really trying to make it work but the food was simply not something I had hoped for. But I am very much willing to give you a chance.

There was even a Filipina working there, suggesting us to come another day because the restaurant has an adjoining souvenir shop, which was already close when we dined. Sorry ate, we didn't have time anymore.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

And now, where can we find the bus stop for Termini Station?

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