Saturday, June 20, 2015

Piazza San Pietro

St. Peter's Square, Vatican City

Having spent most of our day exploring the many halls in the Vatican Museums, we spent the remaining daylight at St. Peter's Square, otherwise known as Piazza San Pietro in Italian. The faint glow of the setting sun and a thin crowd in the piazza made a perfect welcome for us. And we badly needed this respite for we had been battling crowds since the start of our day.

Although the almost empty piazza means that there's no event nor the Pope was there for a mass. It was a Friday and the Papal Audience is only held on Wednesdays and sometimes, an Angelus on Sundays. Perhaps, a good reason to come back?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting Lost in the Vatican Museums (Literally)

Vatican Museum
A very long corridor of Roman statues and this is just a teeny-weeny part of the museum, I tell you.

On our second day in Rome, our agenda was to go to Vatican City, which is currently the smallest state in the world. This brings me to ponder that we technically did visit 7 states in Europe! Okay, not some earth-shattering feat you have in mind but.. give me a chance. I'd likely be back in Europe if something close to miracle happens.

Anyway, to reach this walled city, we simply hopped on Metro A from Termini Station and 6 stops later, is the Ottaviano-San Pietro Station, the nearest to the Vatican Museums entrance. By that I mean, you need to walk about half a kilometer. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. (No door to door delivery, Madam.)

Now, the walk from the Metro station to the entrance was pretty straightforward, if I recall correctly. Of course, there was a steady stream of people, seemingly going in the same direction and that helped a lot. Alleluia!

Perhaps, the same scenario we would have inside the museum itself?