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Kuala Lumpur on a Weekend

I Love KL

October of last year, Breinn visited me for a few days, in time for our anniversary. It was rather special because as the universe has magically conspired, we finally hit the 5-year mark of being together. And conversely, 3 full years of traipsing the challenging yet rewarding case of a long distance relationship. We both know, it could have been better if we were physically close but in the meantime, we are fully content in supporting each other in chasing our individual dreams. So that in that near future, when we can finally be together, we would bring all these amazing wonders, the otherwise painful lessons, and the maturity we have gained, and forge something far more remarkable than what we have now.

Okay back to the main topic before this trail of thought overshoots out of the basket. Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital of Malaysia, is a 5-hour bus journey from Singapore. Longer time is expected for daytime schedules and more so, during the holidays.

I have been to KL once with my brother but it was a crazy ordeal, to say the least. Having a crunch in our vacation time, we did it for only one day. We started our day early in the morning and ended it in the wee hours of the morning of the following day. You can just imagine our exhaustion!

So this time around, I was back in KL with more time to spare.

Day 1



Taking the overnight bus from Singapore at 11:30pm, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur close to 5am and needless to say, it was still dark. We tried to camp out in KFC but after finishing our meals, we decided to just take a taxi to our hotel and yes, choose to camp there instead.

We stayed at Impiana KLCC Hotel, which is obviously located in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) and good thing, they have a massive lobby with strategically-placed couches, where Breinn and I shamelessly snoozed until daylight.

After our much needed shuteye, we left the hotel and found ourselves at KLCC park. Stretching our weary muscles, we languidly joined the locals in their morning run around the park. See the rubberized track right there? Awesome!

Petronas Towers at Daytime

Petronas Towers

The main reason for Breinn in choosing KL was because he wanted to see the Petronas Towers, a very well-known landmark in Malaysia. His excitement was beaming that morning, which was clearly shown by a wide grin on his face. He is easily pleased, no doubt. And safe to say, we nearly covered every single angle of the towers with our camera.

Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC in KL is sort of the equivalent of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The mall also carries many high-end brands but for the mere mortals like us, we ignored them for obvious reasons. Instead, we found our rightful place in Suria KLCC's cinemas. With still plenty of time to kill before we could check-in to our hotel, Breinn and I watched a movie at a discounted rate because it was the first full show. The cheapskates surely had a field day! haha

Dinner at Harrods Cafe

Harrods Cafe in Suria KLCC

Come dinnertime, we were back again at Suria KLCC to grab a bite. For it to be a Saturday night, most of the restaurants in the mall were packed, with daunting queues that we weren't eager to join in. After a somewhat futile search, we accidentally ended up at Harrods Cafe, where we first passed by their store and in one corner, an inconspicuous bar that leads to the cafe.

From my words in Instagram, it was "the most intimate corner in the very crowded mall". To top it all off, the food was divine and the service was top-notch. Relatively expensive but it was worth it.

Petronas Towers at Nighttime

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To cap our first night, we had to again see the towers and see how it has transpired from day to night. I think it is much glorious with its illuminating lights, don't you think?

Day 2

Breakfast Buffet in Impiana KLCC Hotel

Breakfast spread at Impiana KLCC Hotel

With the lack of view from our hotel room, we compensated it by taking advantage of the breakfast buffet in our hotel. The photo above, is a clear indication. The buffet has various options, ranging from Western to Malaysian dishes. However, Breinn had only set his prospects to the omelette, which was cooked by a chef in front of you.

We had the breakfast buffet at the 15th level and we chose to sit at the outdoor section, where we had a splendid view of the city.

Batu Caves

Batu Caves

We had been in KLCC for far too long, that we headed to Batu Caves after our hearty breakfast. Coming from the city, we got there by train. It was sweltering hot that day and to make matters worse, we had this set of formidable endless stairs to climb. What breakfast are we talking about?

The Batu Caves is known by its Hindu cave temples and the colossal statue of Lord Murugan, often referred as the God of Tamils.

Central Market

Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

Back to the city, we firstly went to the Central Market, which is considered to be a heritage building. It was once used as a wet market during the British rule, but presently, you can only find dry goods here, such as local crafts and other interesting things you might fancy to bring home as souvenirs. What we did though, was to have our lunch at the Old Town cafe in the market, which has a cozy ambience and authentic feel to it.


Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur

The market is actually located in Chinatown and I then, told Breinn that why not we roam around the area after. But alas, we only passed by these colorful historical shophouses and continued our walking saga away from them. I had already been here, during my first trip with my brother. Back then, my brother and I explored as much as we could, eventually finding a store, selling cheap shirts and a Chinese bakery, that sells really good, yet affordable cookies.

I reassured Breinn that I know my way around but it doesn't mean I know exactly what we're looking for. If that makes sense. So, when he asked where we're going, I mindlessly responded that I didn't know, to his horror.

Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square)

Sultan Abdul Samad building in Kuala Lumpur

With Breinn still apprehensive of where I was leading him to, we were then, staring at this magnificent Moorish architecture. I told you, dear. Good things come to those who endure.

Aside from the Sultan Abdul Samad building, you can also find other equally impressive historical buildings surrounding the square.

KL Skyline at Dusk

Masjid Jamek Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (Jamek Mosque)

We spent the remaining part of our day in Dataran Merdeka, and by the time we headed to the rail station, we were able to witness this stunning skyline.

It was an easy weekend, no matter how short. It was indeed a great experience, peppered by Breinn's annoyance on my impulsive behavior. hehe He has no choice, really. And that makes him a perfect companion, I guess.

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