Friday, April 3, 2015

Barcelona in 3 Days

To wrap up my already overwhelming Barcelona posts, here is another post that ties everything together into a single one since they are inconveniently cluttered in this blog. Not to mention, the consistency of my posts about this Catalan city is very unsatisfactory.

Anyway, if you find yourself in Barcelona for about 3 days, this can be sort of your reference that can give you an idea on what can fill your visit. But this would not be very extensive because I think I am past that age when I can easily cramp my days with too many activities and me, super dead tired in the plane on the way home as a result. Everyone of us ages, right? That's why, it's always wise to make most out of everything, the circumstances and ourselves, while we are strong and able so that someday, we can't question time on how it slips from our hands, leaving us with only what if's and regrets.

So, if you're having second thoughts on booking that ticket to Barcelona or to any place for that matter, please throw those doubts away. By doing just that, you are doing yourself a favor, that I can guarantee. ;)

Even if my Barcelona trip happened over a year ago, the experience never fails to bring back the gratifying memories that I forever hold precious in my life. Nothing can steal them away from me, except of course eventual poor memory due to aging. hehe

Before I delve into the the daily activities, here's how my cousin and I got from Paris to Barcelona and the hostel we stayed in Barcelona. Technically, we spent 3.5 days in the city but on the last half day, we already flew to Rome.

Day 1

La Sagrada Familia

Port de Barcelona

Day 2

Camp Nou

Day 3

Montserrat Monastery

La Rambla

Barcelona Beach

Day 3.5

Bonus photo on our lastest day. hehe And that's it. An end to my Barcelona posts because it's about time to jump over to Italy and while I'm at it, to also include other places that have been in the backlogs for far too long!

Here is yet another bonus, our food in Barcelona! Enjoy!

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