Sunday, February 15, 2015

Playa de la Barceloneta

We made the most out of our last full day in Barcelona by chasing the last rays of the sun on a beach even if it meant walking in what it seemed a marathon distance. That's me talking after hustling my day since the early morn.

From La Rambla, we fancied getting to the beach on foot, not even hundred percent certain if we were headed to the right direction to begin with. It was only instinct that dictated us, to further march on. But as you can see, we made it to the beach alright. It would be a big disappointment if it weren't so. The calories we burned! Lethargy was clearly imminent.

While extremely delighted after seeing the great blue sea, I readily laid my scarf on the sand, kicked off my shoes and my cousin and I just lazed there until the sun finally gave way to the moon. This idyllic situation made all the distractions we ignored during this quest, somehow trivial and of inconsequence.

On our way to the beach, we ended up in the marina again. The glistening setting sun added a splash of dramatic colors to the water, where hundreds of boats were docked. Taking the marina as the clue, there must be some proper beach somewhere near, right? The fact that we couldn't just jump into the water in the marina for we only just wanted to dip our feet and not our entire body. But this idea of the marina as our clue, had taken us to walk forever and we were almost tempted to join those people lounging on the grass. Somehow, it would still be as rewarding. But for some reason, we persevered and continued to search for the beach. Notice those buildings? We navigated in that direction till we would find what we had come for. Trust me, it is really far as it looks.

But temptations were aplenty along the way. Many people were just sitting around, seemingly content even if they're facing not exactly the best part of the port. Perhaps, the company makes up for everything? Like these four ladies who fascinated my cousin, so much so that she asked if she could take a photo of them. Glad they were up for it. Shall we find our own bench and just stare into the marina while the sun sets?

Patience, I dare say. Just a little bit more. At this point, we saw some people clad in swimming gears, for sure the beach must be close at hand. A glimmer of hope for us.

At last, the beach! A long stretch of sand that provides respite for the city dwellers and the visitors. Hello Mediterranean Sea! We had finally met! Because the beach is huge, the crowds were only here and there and that we were able to have a quiet space on our own. It was a weekday and it was cold. Maybe a couple of reasons, why the crowd was sparse? It was still something strange for me back then to be at sea where it's impossible to swim because of the cold. I may need to go to the Scandinavian countries to get used to this idea. haha

Yes, I had experienced a much more beautiful beach in my life (of course) but this particular beach in Barcelona is as calming as the rest. The sand where I can dig my toes in, the sea breeze albeit cold that I consider almost therapeutic and the sound of the waves crashing into the shore are some of the simple things that I call happiness. Ahh.. Life is indeed a beach. My calloused feet had so much to be thankful for. Just a note for you, I was wearing socks that time. It's just that my socks were out of place in the picture's composition. You know what I mean. (Defensive much lang. haha)

The beach in Barcelona is a perfect place to spend your late afternoons with someone.

Just where exactly is my someone?

Is he over there?

My cousin looked like she's contemplating and perhaps, thinking of her someone too. I am so making this up for the truth is, she's only taking pictures. But just to keep the trail of thoughts consistent in this post. :p

Snapping out from my reveries, I let the truth sink in and that my someone was on the other side of the world (probably snoring). We then amused ourselves writing our names on the sand while putting back our long sleeves to fight the shivering cold.

"Oh, look at the moon!
She is shining up there,
Oh, mother, she looks
Like a lamp in the air."

Without realizing it, the sun had descended and the moon was shining in its full glory. I had never observed the moon this close in such a long time. I soaked in the calmness brought by its magical light reflecting in the water, like it was casting a path from the shore to the horizon. Oh, look at the moon! It is unfortunate how many wonderful things I have already forgotten or worse, have taken for granted as I engrossed myself with worldly affairs. It's nice that I have these episodes in my life to remind me of such things. Gràcies, Barcelona.

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