Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Travel Roundup

I guess I will never tire of sky photos. If only I could choose window seats and fly during daytime all the time. But alas! Reality kicks in when I only have to settle with budget airlines that fly in the wee hours of the morning. So if such rare opportunity comes up, most likely, my face will be glued on the window. (Reminds me to proactively put on sunblock next time.)

I took the above photo on my way home during the Christmas holidays. Yes, I am back to the daily grind sooner than I would like but anyway... In 2014, I felt like I weaned on travel partially. I have only been to relatively fewer trips but it's not that I am moping about it. Certain circumstances that cause eventual priority shift just happen. In life, we gotta roll with the punches and come out stronger than ever.

☀ January in Singapore

When I was back in Singapore after spending 3 weeks at home, I did a random jaunt which ended at Fort Canning Park. To my surprise, I saw coconut trees that I never could have imagined before to be on top of this hill! The hill that is only a walking distance to skyscrapers. After living in this city-state for 2 years, there are still a lot of things to cover, for sure.

☀ March in Penang, Malaysia

Out of my whim as always, I booked return tickets to Penang one weekend in March. Here is an overlooking view from Penang Hill where I did enjoy the cool weather.

☀ April in Cebu, Philippines

Finally, I got tickets for my trip during the holy week just before prices skyrocketed outside Earth's atmosphere. lol Yes, another plane photo.

☀ May in Cebu, Philippines

And in two weeks time, I again hopped on a plane to home. This close interval to attend Breinn's graduation and a side trip to my hometown, revisiting childhood hangouts and bonding with my folks.

☀ July in Singapore

A long-awaited visit by my family last July! One for the books even if it was cut short by a day because of wrong booking. ;(

☀ September in United Kingdom

Braved to go to the United Kingdom alone just because this is one of my many "now or never" trips. That feeling wherein you couldn't imagine things happening at a later time. What better time than now, so to speak. Three defensive sentences to justify myself. haha

☀ October in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Breinn came over to celebrate our 5 years of being together and I can't believe time can fly that fast. We were initially planning on Bandung, Indonesia but the plane tickets got too expensive that we booked bus tickets instead.

☀ October in Cebu, Philippines

I did a short weekend visit to Cebu for the yearly fiesta celebration in my hometown and that was my first intent. However, unfortunately, my father got confined in the hospital during that time so, it was both happy and sad at the same time. My visit was fleeting like the photo above which I took while in transit but I'd like to think that the hastiness doesn't make everything less wonderful.

☀ December in Putrajaya, Malaysia

Absent-mindedly said yes to former colleagues for a road trip in Malaysia, thinking it would only be in nearby Johor Bahru. But without me knowing, I was back in Kuala Lumpur and its neighboring cities. haha

☀ December in Cebu, Philippines

At home to cap the year. Pressed on my family to do a very quick detour to be near the sea. Even if it was only for an hour. The sea will always have a special place in my heart, so dear that I hope I can have my retirement home by the sea. hehe Hopes and dreams for the new year.


I have been in a snail pace for my blog posts that I wasn't able to make even a single post for a trip in 2014. Life's labor has caught up with me and I know I shouldn't be making any excuse so, I'll carry on. I leave you with a wonderful sunrise at home, ushering the first day of 2015! Happy New Year everyone! Cheers!

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