Friday, October 3, 2014

To More Sunrises...

I spent three weeks back home last December. A time well spent with family, running around the city for my endless errands, cocooning at our home in the province and putting back some needed weight with my mother's home-cooked meals. Even if a three-week break seems to be long, I still wish it was longer when it ended. I guess, good times always end this way. You always end up wanting more.

While I wonder how time can fly so fast, I think that the precious moments with the ones you hold dear, are the very things that we can refute against time's mockery. Those moments that make lasting memories and those moments that you can look back blissfully. No regrets but only a smile on your face.

I might have been all over the place on this holiday but nonetheless, I was able to squeeze in a very impromptu trip to Argao, a town in Southern Cebu. It was out on a whim that Breinn and I found ourselves getting on a night bus for a 3-hour travel going south. I only packed for thirty minutes. It was delirious, to say the least. But we didn't know that the two following mornings would have us under a spell.

Argao is a coastal town and it is on the eastern side of Cebu. Cebu is an island with an elongated shape that you can consider towns like bordering on the eastern and western sides. With this in mind, I dragged Breinn who sleep-walked with me to watch the rising sun as it crept from the mountains in Bohol towards the morning sky.

After a few minutes staring into the horizon, the sun rose in its full and golden glory. And by then, we watched the two locals trying to fish in a sea of gold. I just hope they found more than they need for the day. As for us, we were transfixed as the stillness and serenity consumed us. It was pure magic.

On our second morning, I thought it would be the same sunrise but it wasn't. And I'm glad that I forced myself out from bed because to see a different sunrise from yesterday is a chance I'd likely grab in a heartbeat. The feeling was inexplicable. I just stared at the gigantic kaleidoscope in front of me like nothing else matters in the world while Breinn snored. Tsk He must have been bothered in his sleep that he followed soon after. hehe

These two magnificent sunrises were enough for us to turn a blind eye to the resort that we ended up with. To be honest, the whole place was crumbling. Their rooms and the small pool had clearly seen better days. The German owner has the resort up on sale as he intends to go back to Germany as we were told by a resort staff.

But looking back, it wasn't so bad. Those sunrises alone. Another redeeming factor was a resort staff who was kind enough to attend to our needs that it is disheartening to think what would happen to him when the resort goes to a different owner. I can only hope for the best.

Like these sunrises, they become precious moments for us that no money in the world can buy. Breinn and I live by these little things as we continue to be strong for 5 years. Stronger to be exact. Ours is even more special that we are now almost 3 years apart since that day I made a bold move to another country. People may have a little faith on a geographically-challenged relationship but we are putting a morsel of faith back to humanity. It is hard, yes. But if we are to be myopic on such unfortunate circumstance, we are denying ourselves from genuine happiness we can never find elsewhere. So we realign our mindset and focus on the things that help this relationship to continue to grow. To more sunrises and seas of gold...

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