Saturday, August 2, 2014

Being late for Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

I had another weekender up in Bangkok in November last year and this time, with friends. No definite plans prior except that we intend to stay with married friends, based in Bangkok. All we needed was to book our plane tickets and bring ourselves.

We had an evening flight on a Friday from Singapore and arrived in Bangkok quite late. Yes, we got to make use of the one hour difference between the two cities, with Bangkok's earlier timezone. But having arrived in our friend's apartment, we succumbed to late night conversations till the wee hours of the morning. Of course, with friends you rarely see, how could it not be a given? :D

Come Saturday. We dragged ourselves out from bed and the only push we had was that we were only there for the weekend!

Our motorboat at the start of our journey

Kate, our friend in Bangkok had her list of activities lined up for us. Because we didn't bother thinking at all! haha And the main thing I had in mind was only food. I was in dire need for a real Thai food that time! Who doesn't anyway?

Our first activity was the Damnoen Saduak floating market located in Ratchaburi which is close to Bangkok but not really that close since we roughly spent 2.5 hours in reaching there by a public van. 

We paid only THB1,500 about half the price for our boat because we are from Southeast Asia. Oh, I just love it when this happens.

An old man who was about to give food to those eager dogs

Potted plants in front of a house along the canal

Beyond awesome!

We arrived at the boat terminal at 2 in the afternoon. It was already late. We were hungry. We were even at wit's end thinking when we could have our lunch. Nah, I think it was only me. haha But on the brighter side, there weren't throngs of boats anymore and we were able to take in the quaint and serene place, with only a few locals on their boats just about to end their day.

At least, we caught up with them. Them in their welcoming smiles and humble faces. Hidden was their weariness after their morning labor. 

Our tour lasted for 1.5 hours with half an hour shorter because we told our boatman to head straight where the Pad Thai is. lol We firstly stopped at a temple but the fun was spoiled when a boatman from another boat signalled to our boatman and next thing we knew, the two boats were racing! It was exhilarating while Kate and I even raised our arms to feel the frenzy! But the other two friends weren't so lucky and happy for sprays of water went into their camera and it was out in the open. Oopsie!

Our over-priced Pad Thai but still...

Delicious spring rolls with a sweet chilli sauce!

Our lovely lunch in the floating market and we chowed down these delightful food on our boat. At least for a while, we forgot the "wet and wild" incident.

At the end of our tour, we saw this old couple in their little boat along the canal. Somehow, our experience ended nicely as we exchanged friendly waves with Grandma. All the best Grandpa! hehe

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