Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hosteling in Barcelona, Rome, and Cologne

A residential area in Barcelona

I just realized that I don't have pictures of our rooms in Barcelona, Rome, and Cologne but to make up for it, I am including some random pictures that I took there (like the one above although it's totally unrelated haha). As I have mentioned in my previous post about our Airbnb room in Paris, there are countries where we had availed cheaper accommodation. These were Barcelona in Spain and Rome in Italy. And the wonderful weather in these two cities, was an additional bonus we warmly enjoyed! Sunny days and blue skies in autumn? Yes please!

Meanwhile, our stay in Cologne was also relatively cheap but it wasn't that much of a nice experience. More on this later.

It is not my first time to stay in a hostel, where this type almost always equates to dorm-type rooms. I had my first time in Seoul, South Korea and my experience was good that I readily welcome the idea of doing it again. Most likely for me, because I don't prefer staying at big hotel chains with amenities I might not avail. Besides, I really don't have the money to burn to begin with! hehe #thirdworldproblems But I am not all too sure if that's really a bad thing since cozy and more homey stay is of my preference. Whatever floats our boats, my dear friends. ;)