Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Accommodation in Europe: AirBnb in Paris, France

Location of our first pad, the Parisian way

The cost of accommodation in Europe can be a huge chunk of your travel budget unless you can crash into a relative's or a friend's pad. But such was not our case. There is another alternative which is couchsurfing but we chose not to.  So we were left with finding our own roof, carefully sifting through hundreds for that good and affordable one.

We went to a total of 6 countries in Western Europe and it was good that some of these countries offered cheaper stay over the others. Somehow, it got balanced out in the end that while we spent several nights in dorm-type rooms, we were able to book a nice hotel room during the other nights.

Factors that we considered were price (of course), location and safety (because we were only 2 girls!). We only had a span of 2 weeks for this trip so, it came as obvious that we needed to stay in a convenient location. We came from a distant land that it was imperative to wisely manage our precious time there!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Travel Notes: Ho Chi Minh City

Blogging has been slow like usual. Well, what can I expect from myself who is greatly swayed by emotions, mood and everything else in between in order to write something or to do anything for that matter? It must be a blessing in disguise that I end up in another profession otherwise, I would starve myself to death for being a procrastinator. On second thought though, I still do write in my work but writing codes is a totally different beast altogether. Uhm... I have no idea where this paragraph leads so, this is its abrupt end. Sorry.

Now back to Ho Chi Minh City. I can't believe that in a few weeks time, it will already be one year since Breinn and I had a quick visit to this Vietnamese city! And now that I think about it, we are almost at the third quarter of the year! How time can easily slip away just like that, huh?!

But before time makes a clever pass at me again, let me go straight ahead to this post's main topic. My travel notes about our weekend in Ho Chi Minh City.