Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Prancing around the Reunification Palace

The wide green open space in the Reunification Palace is too pretty to ignore that it easily became a reason to be ridiculously gleeful, while Breinn had no choice but to consent. Although with obvious hesitation. But I didn't care. It didn't matter either that there was a bus full of tourists about to exit just when I skipped and hopped on the rain-soaked grass. I got the feeling that he wished he could disappear and I knew when it comes down to it, he would certainly deny to have known me. haha

How could anyone pass up admiring this beautiful lawn though? Undoubtedly, I could spend an entire day here! The palace was actually designed by a Vietnamese architect who studied in Paris and the palace's layout which overlooks the city with a lush front yard and towering trees in between, is reminiscent of Paris, yes. To experience a bit of France in Southeast Asia, just why not right?

I hope my ludicrous elation is unforgivable and somehow, this is nothing but a normal reaction to this beguiling landscape.

Perhaps, I couldn't be happier when finally, we were able to go inside the palace grounds because the day before, the guard had stopped us from going in by gesturing the exact crossing of arms. Except the tongue-out expression, of course. I can't imagine.

I think Breinn was not putting all his weight on the chain otherwise... And I refuse to think the repercussions. Anyway, can you see the well-tended patch of nature in the background? It is refreshingly breathtaking that I think we already got the ticket price's worth even if we were only allowed to roam around.

Since we always welcome extras, we went inside the palace building after an hour or so of taking the greenery all in.

We went from floor to floor by ourselves so, we didn't know the explanation of every corner. Even if there was, it would definitely be information overload. But there are also tidbits of information in some rooms so we weren't entirely clueless. haha

Everything is very stately. However, it is evident that the palace is no longer in use because considerable dust has settled and there is that distinct smell of being uninhabited. This palace is used to be the residence of the President of South Vietnam until the North had overpowered the South, ending consequently the Vietnam war in 1975.

After walking into random hallways, we figured to take the stairs and found ourselves in the rooftop. The view took our breath away that my regret was that I wasn't able to take a picture of the green space I fell in love with.

We took a break on top to welcome the breezy air, forgetting the humidity for a while. When we made our descent, we ended up in the basement where all the fresh air we breathed dissipated. I tried to ignore the cramped space in order not to feel the claustrophobia. It doesn't help either that the displays were war paraphernalia that Breinn and I agreed to make a beeline towards the exit.

However, it didn't take long to recover our senses after seeing another side of the greenery and we then, made our final exit from the palace. And a flower getting stuck in my ear in the process was purely coincidental.

Reunification Palace
Opens Daily
07:30AM-11:30AM, 01:00PM-05:00PM (Close for lunch!)

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