Monday, May 26, 2014

A Weekend Affair of Vietnamese Food

Immediately, a bowl of pho is in order.

Breinn and I went to Ho Chi Minh City in July last year and up until now, I have nothing but good words on how we stuffed ourselves with delectable food most of the time there. We savored every bit of the experience, knowing it was a real value for our meager budget.

Heading to this Vietnamese city was as always, an impulsive decision by me, with Breinn as a defenseless conspirator. The city came about when I managed to book our plane tickets at a price that's within my range of plane fares around Southeast Asia and that's a price I only set for myself! So, to include Breinn in that plane fare, consider it as "Buy 1 Take 1"? lol

Because sometimes, I can be stingy beyond human comprehension, I told Breinn that US$100 was enough for both of us for the entire weekend. By carefully avoiding superfluous tourist pitfalls, the amount surely did go a long way for us. How about all of these mouth-watering nice things in support to that?

And to begin...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Prancing around the Reunification Palace

The wide green open space in the Reunification Palace is too pretty to ignore that it easily became a reason to be ridiculously gleeful, while Breinn had no choice but to consent. Although with obvious hesitation. But I didn't care. It didn't matter either that there was a bus full of tourists about to exit just when I skipped and hopped on the rain-soaked grass. I got the feeling that he wished he could disappear and I knew when it comes down to it, he would certainly deny to have known me. haha

How could anyone pass up admiring this beautiful lawn though? Undoubtedly, I could spend an entire day here! The palace was actually designed by a Vietnamese architect who studied in Paris and the palace's layout which overlooks the city with a lush front yard and towering trees in between, is reminiscent of Paris, yes. To experience a bit of France in Southeast Asia, just why not right?