Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ho Chi Minh's War Remnants Museum

All throughout that July afternoon, we were getting away from the rain like sodden wayward birds. On one occasion, we cozied into an already crowded coffee shop as we waited for the torrential rains to abate. When we deemed the rain to be only just a drizzle, we decided to head out again, only to be caught up with the strong showers a minute into our hopeful presumption.

That time, we only had the wee roof of a bus stop as our shelter.

As we huddled under it along with some locals who had similar fate with us, something briefly went inside my mind. What if we randomly took a bus that would lead us to God-knows-where? I doubted Breinn would be elated with such an idea though. So, I promptly dropped the thought before I could suggest it to him. I then told him that the War Remnants Museum was only halfway around the block, making us to quickly decide to proceed. We ended up scurrying the rest of the way towards the museum as I caught a glimpse of an approaching local bus. I might have let go of a sigh.