Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral in Baguio City

Baguio Cathedral

Before I proceed filling in words about this undoubtedly lady-like church, attributed mainly for its pink hues, which many of the normal girls have them as their favorite colors. Yes? Except me I think. The world is too varied that singling out one color makes the chances of delightful and otherwise less delightful discoveries slimmer to begin with. Do I even make sense? haha Well incidentally, this cathedral in Baguio City is named after the Lady of Atonement and I'm not quite sure if there's some bleary connection with it to the choice of the cathedral's color.

Anyway, let me sidetrack a bit. I'm not continuing to talk about the colors but the so-called fate of this blog.This blog has recently made a complete turnaround with no chances ever of going back. It all happened after I accidentally changed the template without even me realizing it. With how brilliant I am, my template backups were sucked into their own black holes that I'm left with no choice but to make the most of what the accidental new template has to offer.

Enjoying the new ride, I decided to change the way I write by diligently pressing the Shift-keys as needed. I have blatantly confessed in my About page that I have this blog for my goal in elevating my English capability with grammar and spelling, rightfully thrown into the pile. The previous 187 posts obviously do not stand a chance because everything was carelessly in small caps. To cut this increasingly long sidetrack, I'm pretending I'm having a clean slate with my blog. I hope you're sticking with me though. Pretty please? *puppy eyes*

Now back to the main topic (before the frustration of being puppy-like adorable gets me). My family visited the Baguio Cathedral during our quick visit to the highlands at the end of May this year, our last hurrah for summer which the unforgiving rains mercilessly meddled into. Oh, don't let the blue skies fool you!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the notre dame cathedral in ho chi minh city

Notre Dame Cathedral, HCMC, Vietnam

we first saw the grandeur of the notre dame cathedral in the middle of a languid walk around district 1 in ho chi minh city. the relaxing lethargy in the midst of the towering trees, came upon us after we knew that the reunification palace was closed for lunchtime. what to do then? well, breinn and i whiled away by sitting on one of the park benches, mimicking the other couples in the area. going local, eh?

as if we didn't only have a weekend in the old saigon, we forced our butts, stretched our muscles and continued to walk. nah, we didn't stay as locals for long.

emerging from the canopy of age-old trees in the park, we were astounded to gaze upon a magnificent beauty, the notre dame cathedral. it sits prim and proper in the middle of the busy streets where thousands of motorbikes, regularly whiz by. it gracefully remains in its posture, seemingly oblivious to the chaos around it.

oh notre dame cathedral. where shall i find more appropriate adjectives to describe you?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

itinerary: ho chi minh city on a weekend

Pho in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

what better picture than a bowl of pho for this post, huh? this delectable-looking soup was like the very essence of why breinn and i headed to saigon. although, the dirt cheap fare i had snatched, also had something a lot to do with it. who am i to deny such fact? the mere poor me.

breinn visited me here in singapore, his second time this year to celebrate his completion of another decade (i'm going easy on him. that's why, i'm keeping it vague. haha) but keeping up with my impulse, i left him with no choice but to fly with me to ho chi minh and stuff ourselves with good food and importantly, with less the dough.

of course, we visited the common tourists spots and while we're at it, also scampered under the rain and got cozy in ubiquitous vietnamese cafes. yeah, it wasn't so bad. really. i'd gladly welcome a replay, for sure.