Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my travel notes: winter in south korea

before another winter will roll in, it's high time to end my series on south korea where i had a 5-day trip last winter. i had already come up with 12 posts and i have no idea anymore what clumsy words i wrote and what kind of unimpressive photo edits i posted. both then became what i pompously called as narrative.

on top of those previous 12 posts, i'm still coming up with a final post which i dearly hope that it won't be as long. but then again, i can't promise that.

so here it goes.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

my appetite experience in south korea

i am almost finally at the end of my south korea posts! hurrah for you! but before i'd normally end it with a concluding post, i'll zoom into what i had stuffed myself to get me energized for those tough days. tough in the sense that those were cold wintry days!

to battle out the cold, i ate quite enough or even more than enough to be more exact. because most of the time i ate alone, i had the huge servings all to myself and as i saw it, eating seemed to be a social activity in south korea. they usually came in troops into a restaurant or a coffee shop. but now that i think about it, this can also be a normal occurrence anywhere for all i know. i was just this lone human being over there, feeding on such humongous portions.

it might not be as big as you'd imagine but i have a girl's stomach after all! and sometimes, i'd like to think that it's knotted in half that consequently, it can only accommodate that much. you just have to see it for yourself. uhm not my stomach but my food, okay? :p

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

parting from seoul with an aimless walk


Dongdaemun, Seoul

after browsing the photos from my camera, i realized i had taken only a few during my aimless walk around dongdaemun, namdaemun, and then myeongdong. it has always been my conscious goal to take more photos but it ends up being less. sometimes when i get too amazed with the new sights around me, i just let my eyes stare momentarily at the awesomeness of everything. as there are many exciting and most of all foreign things, i can only gape in wonder. no words. just taking it all in. but unfortunately, without clicking that camera button.

however, i managed to snap a close-up photo of the steaming pots that looked so tempting for everyone who happened to pass by this restaurant. with the freezing weather, anyone can surely make use of a bowl of piping hot soup. i bet it would be spicy though.

and the soup would look like this.