Monday, May 13, 2013

my travel notes: coron, palawan

"closing time. every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." this post is another wrap-up of my not-so-recent escape to the beautiful island of coron and it was a much needed break from my daily routine.

hope is a sustaining mindset that as i end this blog-posting series about coron, the colossal universe may unfold a new beginning which will bring another story, another marvel, and another experience in this life that has been in constant move since time immemorial. a little hope doesn't hurt, does it? especially how painfully negative the world can be, most of the time.

even if coron was only a hit-and-run circumstance due to some unfortunate events, it was something that i can look back with a gratifying and delightful feeling, an indispensable dose of positivity in this crazy world.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

swinging by bukchon hanok village and insadong

Bukchon Village

in between our palace hopping, my guides and i did a quick visit to bukchon hanok village. this place is where you can find well-preserved traditional houses, called hanok during korea's joseon dynasty. most of the historical sites in seoul, date back to this dynasty which happens to be the last dynasty in korea. the five centuries long dynasty ended in 1897, just a year before the philippines got its freedom after a 300-year rule by spain. ahhh, the wonders of a big world where various things could actually be happening at the same time in its every corner!

bukchon hanok village was great for finding random things, bumping into dead ends, and occasionally trespassing to some establishments. uh oh...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

seoul's bygone palaces

Changdeokgung Palace

for a change, a photo of myself at the first part. well, not that anyone cares! haha i may assume too much when i see myself as a schoolgirl here especially with this beanie on my head. i've never owned a beanie in my life and i have no idea that it has this youthful effect on me. but on the other hand, i'm giving you every right to disagree.

and i'd totally understand if you think otherwise. i can be delusional at times, you see.

so, what's up with this post? well, on my second day in seoul, the cold weather waned a little bit and just hovered around -6 degree celsius. yes, it's still freezing cold but the sun was out and the cold was something that i could endure an entire day of treading palaces. i must be a polar bear in my past life to declare such statement.

anyway, together with three young korean ladies, i visited 3 out of the 5 grand palaces during the joseon dynasty in korea. as a warning though, this will be sorta like a parade of excess photos because i plainly got carried away.