Saturday, March 23, 2013

more travel notes: hanoi and halong, vietnam

were you part of the VHS era or even the betamax era? i can't believe how fast technology changes and these VHS and betamax tapes can be considered as ancient artifacts today. back in the day when the CRT screen was considered as a major entertainment (most especially in a more rustic area where i lived), we kept ourselves updated with the latest movies by renting VHS tapes.

VHS tapes rental was nothing conventional of sorts because we rented them from two men who went around the neighboring towns on their motorbike. the VHS tapes were reused many times by overwriting it with a newer movie. i can still remember as a child, i was always in awe when after the credits or even when the black and white noise graphics was already showing, suddenly a movie scene appeared! it was a wow moment when i realized i had seen the extra scene from a movie before and i then proudly told my childhood friends about such fact. haha

of course, this travel note is something like one of those extra scenes. i have already written a very long post for my travel notes and here i am again, coming up with another post. i promise, this is the very last. {insert adorable emoticon here}

to save you from distress, this will only be a photo dump minus my long-winded write-ups (except the one above).

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Panoramic view of the beach in Halong Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam
The beach in Halong Bay in the morning

Halong Bay, Vietnam
A pensive girl in Halong Bay (albeit feigning lol)

Halong Bay, Vietnam
A couple finding seashells on Halong's shore

Halong Bay, Vietnam
A man fishing in Halong Bay early in the morning

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Because Halong didn't showcase us a sunrise, I reassured
the bay that it's still okay by giving it peace signs.

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Let's do the morning exercise the Halong way!

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Oftentimes, I'm just a complete failure.

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Early morning conversations at Halong Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Film showing by the bay at night

Traditional Vietnamese Hats
Traditional hats sold at the Halong Bay Night Market

Halong, Vietnam
Night life at the Halong Bay (It was seriously in darkness!)

Vietnamese House
Vietnamese build their houses this way.

Hanoi, Vietnam
When these structures become contiguous, it looks like this in Hanoi.

Hanoi, Vietnam
Lovely fresh roses as we bade Vietnam goodbye...


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