Monday, February 18, 2013

itinerary: a quick getaway to coron, palawan

for a moment, i was tempted to have "coron in a blink" as this post's title. to give you an idea on how this seems to be the case, here is my itinerary when i did a very quick visit to coron last december. because i'm too honest, i confess that i never plotted any itinerary but i only did a draft list in my mind. i hope i don't disappoint you. but truth be told, sometimes the world perfectly works that way. :P

AirPhil Express plane from Manila to Coron
Does this view make you super excited like it did to me?

Year 2012

 Day 1: 21-Dec, Friday
 06:25 ETD SIN to MNL via Jetstar 3K 761  
 10:00 ETA MNL - Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1
     ~ Take shuttle bus from NAIA Terminal 1 to Terminal 3
 Meanwhile, in Cebu.
 08:55 ETD CEB to MNL via Cebu Pacific 5J 564
 10:10 ETA MNL - NAIA Terminal 3
     ~ Hurrah! Reunited once again! :D
     ~ Lunch
     ~ Wait for forever due to a super delayed flight!
 16:00 Departure from MNL to USU via AirPhil Express 2P 33 (ETD supposedly at 13:50)
 17:00 Arrival at USU - Francisco B. Reyes Airport (ETA supposedly at 14:45)
     ~ Pick up a few island hopping brochures at the airport
     ~ Call Calamianes Tours for an island hopping the day after
     ~ Commute by van to the town center
 18:00 Arrival at Balaibinda
     ~ Dinner
     ~ Sleep

Day 2: 22-Dec, Saturday
06:00 Wake up
    ~ Prepare, Free Breakfast at Balaibinda
    ~ Head to Calamianes Tours office (by walking lol)
08:30 Group tour assembly
    ~ ISLAND HOPPING (This was the main thing!)
16:00 Back to Coron Town
    ~ Torture ourselves by scaling Mt. Tapyas for the sunset view
    ~ Dinner
    ~ Arrange van pick-up for airport the day after
    ~ Sleep

Day 3: 23-Dec, Sunday
06:00 Wake up
    ~ Prepare, Breakfast at Balaibinda
07:30 Van pick-up
    ~ Feast on the countryside views while heading to the airport
    ~ Wait for the airport to open haha!
 09:45 ETD USU to MNL via AirPhil Express 2P 32
 10:40 ETA MNL
    ~ Lunch and lounge at NAIA Terminal 3
 15:20 ETD MNL to CEB via Cebu Pacific 5J 569
 16:35 ETA CEB (Actually delayed by almost an hour! What is happening in NAIA??)
    ~ Yay! Home!!

i know. this itinerary is all about planes and delayed flights but one thing that can lure me away from sulking on such tragedy, is this photo for example. ♥

Island Hopping in Coron, Palawan


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