Monday, February 18, 2013

itinerary: a quick getaway to coron, palawan

for a moment, i was tempted to have "coron in a blink" as this post's title. to give you an idea on how this seems to be the case, here is my itinerary when i did a very quick visit to coron last december. because i'm too honest, i confess that i never plotted any itinerary but i only did a draft list in my mind. i hope i don't disappoint you. but truth be told, sometimes the world perfectly works that way. :P

AirPhil Express plane from Manila to Coron
Does this view make you super excited like it did to me?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

completely lost in shinmatsudo

in a couple of months from now, it will be 5 years since that unforgettable experience of finding my hotel in a totally new place and where people spoke a different language. sadly, those strange linguistic tones had fallen incomprehensibly into my illiterate ears. quite the opposite of what i had hoped for, bringing a handful of words with me in japan was both a boon and adversely, confusion to many people whom i asked.

Matsudo Chiba Japan