Wednesday, January 16, 2013

on our way to halong bay from hanoi

i can't think of the most proper way to start blogging about halong bay. i admit it. halong bay was our main purpose of visiting northern vietnam but no offense really, to hanoi. we tried our best to squeeze our little time in order to explore as much as we could in the eclectic and equally, interesting capital. but there's no point on weeping over it now.

well, much of our time was spent on our travel from hanoi to halong bay and vice versa. travel time is about 4 hours; plus or minus depending on your mode of transport. going to halong bay was much faster since we were on board on the travel tour's coaster-- still faster even if we made an obligatory stop at a community center. meanwhile, going back to hanoi was more overwhelming and fun since we took the public transport!

then, what did i do during those long hours of journey? uhm, i have already mentioned a number of times in this blog that i don't and can't normally sleep during commute, let alone to an unfamiliar place!

how about taking offhanded and misaligned photos? yeah sure! i can do that. 'coz you know, a speeding vehicle and a gloomy weather were too much to handle for my little camera.

Rice fields in Vietnam
See? It was really raining!

i took these photos while on our way to halong bay although you might have easily figured that one out based on this post's title. lol

Community Center for Agent Orange Victims
Community Center for Agent Orange Victims

have you heard of agent orange or do you remember it from your history class? i think i have conveniently blocked this part of my memory because it is very hard to let those sordid details stay in one's consciousness. but just like tuol sleng, these memories should not be completely forgotten so that they would act as reminders for the present and the future, to not repeat the same mistake from the past.

agent orange was the code name of a military operation by the US during the vietnam war. harmful chemicals were sprayed over the agricultural lands which brought ill effects to the human body and even spiraling up to succeeding generations. :( more in wiki.

the above photo shows the victims of agent orange doing impressive embroidery. we were eager to buy one but then the prices were sky high for us.

at this center, there was also a cafeteria where one can have a quick meal before proceeding with the journey.

okay let's move on to a more cheerful part, shall we?

Biking in Vietnam

Traditional hat in Vietnam

one of the many inexplicable things in my life is on how i adore the traditional vietnamese hats. it's as if i'm magically drawn into it!

Random Structure in Vietnam

in the few countries i've been around southeast asia, i'm really in awe on how these countries continue to preserve certain architectural designs, incorporating them to their modern structures. it adds uniqueness to a country and that as it progresses, it doesn't shed its very own identity.

Vietnam Wedding
Could this be a wedding?

i remember my tour in the angkor wat where i got to pass by a local wedding ceremony, held humbly in their own front yard. i'm not so sure why i'd like to think that this event was for a wedding. i hope the rain was a blessing for the couple. of course, the pink balloons! why not?

Transporting chickens in Vietnam

Transporting ducks in Vietnam

this is how the vietnamese transport their livestock. quirky and ingenious, isn't it?

Railway in Vietnam

yes, you can also go around vietnam by trains. in the instances we passed by a few railroads, i didn't see even a single train. oh the chances!

Halong bay from afar

if this view is already upon your eyes, you would know that halong bay is near. with that haze, the weather was indeed cozy that time!

Van from Hanoi to Halong Bay

unlike the commute i had experienced from phnom penh to siem reap, i didn't have a scorched butt and a splitting head when we arrived at halong bay. oh boy, the weather outside was aircon cold!

on the other hand, our commute back to hanoi was a different story to tell although i didn't take much pictures. i just soaked in wonder on the works of a public commute in vietnam.

in both travels (to and fro), i considered them safe because the roads were in good condition and no scary hairpins but unto an almost straight path.

so i think i can already begin blogging about halong bay after this. ;)


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