Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 travel roundup

for the first time in this blog's almost 3 years of existence, i'm coming up with a summary of how it had been the previous year. i guess it's never too late to do anything for the first time and this is such a promising effort for 2013. fingers crossed!

in the year 2012 (as if it was so long ago and not just last week), i managed to write at least once a month which i barely did on december. that time, loose words were all jumbled and i was hoping it would turn out okay and comprehensible for me in the years to come.

anyway last year, i had been hopping buses and flying on planes in a frequency that i haven't done before and i am beyond grateful that i was able to do that.

january in malacca, malaysia

breinn visited me on a whim during the chinese new year holidays and in turn, i whisked him away on a 4-hour bus journey to malacca, malaysia.

 january in cebu city, philippines

for the first time ever, i wasn't able to spend the christmas holidays with my family on december 2011 and so, i grabbed the opportunity to go home in last year's january -- just in time for my friend's wedding.

☀ april in cebu, philippines

i was back again in cebu during the holy week which fell in the month of april but this time i stayed longer and headed to my hometown for the sea, sun and some family bonding!

 april-may in cambodia

at the end of april until the first of may, i dared to soak up the heat in cambodia and i even swayed my brother to fly from the philippines to meet up with me in phnom penh.

☀ july in cebu, philippines

my third trip back home for the year had just gotten better with the complying weather, great food and an enjoyable company to keep.

 july in batam, indonesia

together with colleagues from work, i paid a quick visit to batam and it marked as my first landing on the indonesian shores -- no matter how near it is from singapore and a half day visit was just too short.

☀ july in phuket, thailand

work got too toxic that a weekend up in phuket was a welcome breather!

☀ october in cebu, philippines

i went home again to have breakfast in the "pambansang fastfood ng pilipinas", jollibee! i'm kidding. i actually went to my hometown for our yearly fiesta.

 october in johor bahru, malaysia

in order not to waste a three-day weekend, i crossed the border to malaysia with my cousins and got scorched in the kiddy land aka legoland.

 november in northern vietnam

i live in the tropics all my life and experiencing a little cold is surely part of my list. obviously, heading to northern vietnam during its fall season wasn't out of the question.

 december in coron, palawan, philippines

i had the longest break for the year last december, allowing me to head to palawan then back to cebu soon after.

☀ december in cebu, philippines

with my mother as an effective alarm clock, i crawled out of bed to hear a dawn mass a day before christmas. the church in my hometown was a sight to behold before my sleepy eyes.


i say goodbye to 2012 and hopefully, its memories i effectively put on stand still within my topsy-turvy blog entries. and cheers for 2013! may the best things unfold to us this year! happy new year, you guys.


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