Tuesday, December 18, 2012

retreating back to hoan kiem lake

because things are insanely happening all at once these days and i still yet to find the correct road for me to become a prolific planner, i just need to press the upright equal sign, which in the normal world, the pause. in this way, i can step back and gather enough push to go on!

with this conceived turmoil, i want to think some of the events that transpired during my precious days when i had completely detached from my everyday routine. these rare events that i locked up in pieces inside my mind and retrieve them once in a while. oh, how i wish i could be accurate as the "pensieve" in harry potter! i seriously need a memory booster!

anyway, my northern vietnam itinerary post was kept hanging for quite some time now and rightfully, i'm fetching my memory on how the hoan kiem lake was so serene and peaceful but not eerie, as i would have liked to imagine since i'm not really at my best in the water.

Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam

An old couple having their afternoon date! 

A woman deep in her prayer

This obsession of sunset

The temple in the lake
And we were too stingy to pay the entrance fee so,
we were only up to this point. uhmm... Okay, I hear you.

A tour guide was amused by us, taking turns
in taking our photos that he opted to take one for us!
His troop had to even wait! lol

Hoan Kiem Lake on our first night in Hanoi

My tortured feet were saved by this pair of slippers,
I bought from a woman peddling almost all kind of footwear in her cart.

The lake as backdrop against the infamous motorbikes!

more on hanoi and halong bay next year!


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