Tuesday, November 6, 2012

in the city of majestic waterfalls - iligan city

after traipsing around cagayan de oro and bukidnon, my friends and i proceeded west bound to visit fame's home city. we did not take advantage on anyone because we're too good to indulge yet again of another free transport; that we took a bus and let the countryside air caress our faces in an hour and a half journey to iligan.

Timuga Falls

true to iligan's moniker (the city of majestic waterfalls), we were astounded with two of its many waterfalls and we gratified ourselves from our commute in timuga's pools while shivering from its really cold water.

Timuga Mini Falls - Iligan
Timuga's Mini Falls

the flow of the water was strong although it was already summertime and it hadn't even rained that day. with how fine the day was, frolicking in the midst of the strong current became such a great idea but we then held on to whatever lest the water carried us away.

timuga also has a set of conventional pools that were equally as cold as the more natural setup of cascading waters.

Maria Cristina Falls

we apparently couldn't get enough of the water in timuga, that we dropped by in maria cristina falls hydroelectric plant. "drop by" is a lousy term because the plant was huge and we needed to walk over a hundred meters to reach a viewing deck for this fascinating drop.

of course, it would be dead impossible to allow people to swim in the waters of maria cristina because its rapids are strong and dangerous. maria cristina falls gives power to a hydroelectric plant which is one of the several hydroelectric plants, supplying electricity to mindanao.


like always, all good things have to end. we might be tired and weary but we surely had a lot of fun. and we bade farewell to northern mindanao which the beautiful sunset aptly concluded.


with another handful of good memories locked in our treasure boxes, we welcomed another day and a gleaming sunrise. we even went straight to work after hauling ourselves from an overnight boat. we toil very hard just like that.


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