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DIY Legoland Malaysia

a long weekend with friday as a holiday is a rare occurrence in this island state. given that its handful of non-working holidays are already plotted in the previous year, i still came down to an obscure goal of what i would have liked to do. my inability to fill these three days with a more carefully planned out jaunt, only showed how i could never be a great planner. i set this ultra pressure upon myself more than anybody in order to keep me going.

spending the three days in the island was something that i couldn't let my fate carve such proposition. it was beyond unacceptable.

over a month prior, i shuffled a few options for a better agenda and i chanced upon this legoland malaysia deal with a 5-star accommodation inclusive. the itinerary was one day in legoland, overnight at the hotel and on the following day, sanrio hello kitty town. i almost gave in to the deal but its strict time-frame shooed me away to sahara desert. to think, i'm always apprehensive about travel deals but it's just me.

Legoland Malaysia
Legoland Malaysia
(Look at those adorable kids making their faces to the camera!)

my cousins were in the same boat as me and a short escape out of the island was more than welcome. but we dropped the deal into the bin and made our own itinerary.

A Giraffe's Ass hehe

Legoland Malaysia Tickets

we bought our tickets online and since it was more than seven days ahead of our planned date, we got a 25% discount.


legoland in malaysia has just opened last september and its hotel is still under construction. it is yet to open in early 2014 and that's a long way to go. however, they partnered a few hotels located in johor bahru city and these hotels as they say offer package deals. we never availed one though.

to be fully on our own, we booked ourselves an overnight accommodation in KSL resort, a new integrated complex where the hotel building's annex is its own mall. talk about shopping, dining, and a hotel stay all in one area without having to go anywhere.

Legoland Express
(A colorful train that we couldn't pass up!)


legoland malaysia is not situated near the city but it's tucked away in a vast land where all the fun and activities are contained within its domain. one con of not adhering to a package deal was not having our own transportation that could conveniently ferry us to and fro. because i think differently, i don't entirely consider this as a con because there's a little adventure of having to figure out on your own. i may think twice only when i'm past the age but surely not now when i still find joy in going through a disarray.

coming from singapore, we took a specially licensed taxi that could take us straight to KSL resort in johor bahru. we paid a whopping amount of SGD50 for the trip but splitting it to four made it bearable.

and from KSL resort, we took a taxi to legoland and burnt again our wallets with a RM30 fixed fare. the price was reasonable with its distance and since we still had to split the fare so i'm taking back the burning wallets scenario. besides, the air-conditioned taxi was something we were grateful for amid the scorching heat in johor bahru.

after our make-believe of us being kids and with all our energy drained which the most part sucked dried by the heat, we languidly made our way out from legoland's exit gates. going back to the city was much of a challenge for if we tarried inside legoland longer than necessary, we could be missing the last trip of the bus to JB sentral. according to legoland's website, there are 15 return trips everyday and the last is at 19:55. we gave ourselves a pat in the back for we made it to the last one!

our experience was very exhilarating which involved crossing the street twice because of no designated bus stop and squeezing ourselves to get into the bus. the travel time seemed to be longer than before but it was a good thing that we had a good bed to get back to. because that moment was bleary and with my discreet memory, i think our return trip cost us only RM4 per person. i'm pretty sure it was only around that.

In the Miniland
(A Hollywood-inspired sign of Legoland can be seen on top of the hill.)

Bolinao, Pangasinan represents the Philippines!

One of the few booths like those in carnivals

Whoever wins takes one of these cute bears!

Legoland Malaysia

i didn't set any expectations to legoland and judging by the activities shown in its website, i can tell that the theme park is mainly suited for kids. true enough, we found ourselves sharing fun with the young ones and most of the time, queuing with them for our turn for the rides.

legoland thoughtfully put a play corner near the queue and provide the kids with ample lego blocks to tide them over the long wait. i'm not sure though if legoland has this for every ride.

Dino Island

Observation Tower
(We queued for this but when it was almost our turn, 
it was halted due to some problem. :( )

because of long queues that day, we were only able to do a few activities but took tons of photos nonetheless. even if the heat was a torture that we had to buy sun screen lotion inside legoland, it was still a delightful experience that the joy of every kid's face made it memorable. as i would remind myself, it's always the right perspective.

In Duplo Playtown
(I just can't go in sync with any choreography.)

Locker Rental (Based on Legoland's Poster)
Small Locker
   All Day - RM20
   3 Hours - RM10
Large Locker
   All Day - RM40
   3 Hours - RM20

Terms & Conditions
All Day Rental with Multiple Access
3 Hours Rental - for Single Access Only, usage exceeding 3 hours will be charged full day rental.


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