Wednesday, October 31, 2012

chasing cebu's sunset

Mactan Old Bridge, Cebu

i recently made a 4-day trip back home and as i was running around the metro for errands and commitments, cebu's glorious sunset caught my eye. i instantly grabbed my camera, brushing aside the heavy flow of the afternoon traffic along the old mactan bridge that has dejectedly one lane per one direction situation.

sunset is also one of the few things that inexplicably bring a certain elation in me. i am particularly biased with this one that this daily occurrence of the setting sun happened in cebu. the remaining rays of the sun for the day, cast over the already crowded city -- probably hoping that a few can take notice its gilded beauty.

cebu may not be at par with infrastructures and convenience, it is somewhere that i would always want to go back and feel all melodramatic as i hold the threads that entwined my life's meaning. these threads personified as family, friends and that significant other. when i feel i'm beginning to be shallow, these lifelines somehow help me to stay grounded. then, everything will be alright.


Friday, October 19, 2012

a little bit of china

i can't fathom why i have this kind of squishy feeling every time i find myself in chinatown in singapore, whether i'm only in the bus while my gaze is set upon the myriad of heritage houses. for sure, it's not the crowd since i tend to shy away from a constraining scenario although finding solace in the midst of people is not far from possible.

Shophouses along South Bridge Road, Chinatown

Monday, October 8, 2012

my travel notes: phuket, thailand

i have written quite a number of posts for phuket even if my experience was only squeezed into one weekend. i just hope i don't sound like a broken record if similar thoughts came trailing in these posts. and with that, i'd like to highlight what it was in me that phuket was like a whirlwind romance, sprinkled with sweet memories that unfortunately had to end quickly.

Aerial View of Phuket
Aerial View of Phuket

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

from phuket international airport to the beach

and vice versa.

where are we going? to the beach! where are we going? ... okay enough of dora's jingle or swiper may ruin the mood. but honestly, there was a point in my life when i used to watch dora the explorer before i would dash for work. haha! and i'd like to end it at that.

Phuket Kata Beach

how far is phuket int'l airport to the beach?