Friday, September 7, 2012

phuket a surprising food haven

i bought my lunch today from a thai food stall and that reminded me i have already uploaded my food photos from phuket over a week ago. although i bought a vietnamese dish which was quite ironic by the way, since it was a thai stall, the strong flavor of the lemongrass on my tender beef ushered back the feeling on how i gorged over delectable food that carefree weekend.

Pad Thai Prawn

prior on my phuket trip, i was informed by my cousin how good the food is in phuket and i wasn't surprised knowing that thai food is almost everywhere in the world now, which can only mean one thing, good food.

after settling down in our alpine (i mean literally) hotel, eva and i quickly chose the restaurant that we saw when we made our descent. my meal of choice wasn't a difficult pick because the food that i will likely answer when asked about thai food, is of course pad thai! remembering the name is just 1 2 3 and i even have a hint of the thai word. that's how brilliant i can get!

my pad thai did not disappoint. it was so filling that my only regret was that i wasn't able to finish it. my stomach was caught off guard that it had not opened an extra room just when it was highly necessary. *sobs*

Outdoor Restaurant's Lemon Juice

Eva's Yellow Noodle Pork

i washed down the delicious pad thai with a freshly squeezed lemon juice. i initially chose a different drink but it comes from powder so, i didn't bother. i liked to go on a pretense of going natural. it happens seldom so, please let me.

Pad Thai Prawn - 140THB
Yellow Noodle Pork - 130THB
Lemon Juice - 70THB
Mango Shake - 80THB

Outdoor Restaurant
Kata Beach, Phuket

Banana Pancake

beach bumming can also make one hungry. well, that was my case. after basking in the sun for almost half of the day (yeah with a beach umbrella but still...), i was famished. like a rain after a long drought, we stumbled upon a banana pancake cart on our way back.

i don't usually eat bananas and i mostly prefer other fruits over it. but the banana pancake was a pleasant surprise! it was made up of sliced cavendish banana and the usual pancake mix. yeah, it was greasy but the chocolate syrup did the trick.

Banana Pancake with Chocolate - 40THB

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Mini Salad Bar

for our dinner, we decided to walk further and we found this tomato restaurant -- quite easily because it was the first restaurant lined up along a seemingly food street. the restaurant's attendant swayed us even more.

my green chicken curry was very flavorful that i was tempted to order an additional rice but i had to change my mind for i still had another day. the mini salad bar was also the restaurant's catch although there were not much choices but probably because it was already quite late, about past nine in the evening.

Green Chicken Curry - 130THB
Noodle Prawn (not in photo) - 120THB
Rice - 20THB
Iced Tea Lemon - 40THB
Shake (can't figure out the handwriting in the receipt) - 65THB

we had a 10% discount on our total bill because it was an off peak season! *cartwheels*

Tomato Restaurant
Kata Beach, Phuket

Fried Ground Pork (Kra Phra) with Thai Basil

My lovely heart-shaped rice

while i was scanning my phuket photos, i realized that we only had three full meals there and here i am, claiming phuket's food was good. but anyway, those three meals alone convinced me well enough. as for the rest of our supposedly meals, we just ate light because those times, we were on the go.

while eva had her bittersweet surfing moment for one last time that weekend, i headed off for lunch. i'm the type of person who can't bear skipping a meal. i need to have my meal though it may not be always on time or else don't talk to me! haha

previously, my only significant experience on thai food was the thai food stall in the hawker center near my office. it is one of the few stalls that i usually grab my take aways. i had ordered pork with basil one time there and since i was already in thailand, i wanted to know what the real one would be like. the taste? i let a few weeks passed by before heading out again to my comfort thai food stall and only went back because it was the easiest way i could taste thai food albeit the big difference. maybe, i should look hard enough around here.

Kra Phra Pork with Thai Basil - 150THB
Heart-Shaped Rice - 25THB
Pineapple Juice - 50THB

Natalie's Restaurant & Bar
Kata Beach, Phuket

and who says phuket is all about beach? definitely not me!


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