Saturday, September 22, 2012

beach bumming in phuket

i realized in my recent posts that i had thrown too many words in a muddle called a blog post  -- which is more than what a short attention span can handle. and it sometimes describes me, the short attention span that is.

so without further ado (there's always joy in using a cliché right?), here are our photos that summarize our indulgence one carefree afternoon and painfully, how the moment faded away with the setting sun.

phuket kata beach

i found the strong waves of the andaman sea utterly daunting. yet the crashing tides, the bright sun, the sea extending until the horizon and the white sands became a perfect mix for my lazy afternoon mainly consisted of lounging on a sunbed with a pretty umbrella above me and occasionally, interrupted by guileful birds.

phuket kata beach

i could curl on the sunbed with a good book like what the woman was doing but i missed to pack one. the sea breeze lulled me to sleep instead. de-stressing in one of its finest.

while eva was out riding the waves.

we rented our sunbeds near this food stall at a price of 100THB. a 50THB cheaper than what we had in the khai islands. to alleviate the scorching heat of the sun, we ordered a big slice of watermelon with an initial thought that we could get the sunbeds for free because the fact that we ordered. lol

part of what nature could possibly be like, birds also tried to dig in.

the birds looked like they were used to be in the midst of people. i should learn from these birds so that i may upgrade my inept social skills.

the sunbed where my butt found comfort that entire afternoon. rental of sunbeds doesn't have any specific time duration. one can rent it for the entire day as long as the food stall is still open.

we came to know about it while dazed after a nap. a man from the stall interrupted us and told us that the beach was no longer safe at dusk and much more nighttime. we had no clue what he was talking about and we only nodded our heads in reply. all along, what he was trying to say was his stall was about to close and he needed to get our sunbeds' mattresses. the mattresses were what our 100THB was worth for we could still use the sunbed without them. however, no assurance of safety on our things as we were told.

he would then be going home, so there would be no one to watch over our things. they have this safeguarding initiative since sunbed renters would be likely out to the sea most of the time except maybe a few including me.

my pair of flip flops is a little bit older than this blog and it is way too tough before i need to consider replacing it with another pair. in most aspects in my life, i adhere minimalism.

lest you get bored, there is the colorful parachute that can hoist you up in the air above the sea and of course, surf boards.

as the sun was about to retire for the day, we were surprised to see a red jeep drove by along the beach! the beach was way no deserted that there were a lot of tourists still sprawled on the sand and kids making sand structures while others finding joy with the tides. it must have been a normal sight in kata beach with a driver skillfully skirting his jeep along the shoreline.

when the jeep came to a halt, the rasta men began setting up their what seemed to be a barbecue stand. and their setup on kata beach was the only night scene we saw later that night. it became a makeshift bar along the beach with a short table on top of the sand and guests merely squatting. it was a lovely sight with bob marley's music blaring across the stretch and the sound of the waves as an idyllic accompaniment.

beach bumming is an activity or non-activity whatever that i would like to do again next time. it is an optimistic pause of one's fast-paced life once in a while. that i would like to think.


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