Saturday, September 29, 2012

in the land of pineapples

in the land of pineapples down south of the philippines, there are thousands of pineapples (of course) as far as your eyes can see. everywhere you look, pineapple plants surround you and it will probably make you think you're in pineapple heaven.

and this kind of heaven may not be as far as you think. 

welcome sign bukidnon province

welcome to the province of bukidnon!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

beach bumming in phuket

i realized in my recent posts that i had thrown too many words in a muddle called a blog post  -- which is more than what a short attention span can handle. and it sometimes describes me, the short attention span that is.

so without further ado (there's always joy in using a cliché right?), here are our photos that summarize our indulgence one carefree afternoon and painfully, how the moment faded away with the setting sun.

phuket kata beach

Sunday, September 16, 2012

phuket: half day of island hopping

weekend can be so short for a holiday in the island of phuket. when in fact, there are a lot of things that may go in your agenda that would require more days. may it be lounging on the sun bed for most of the days, partying like crazy through the night, going to nature trips while riding on the mighty elephants and the list goes on. without the feeling of regret and bitterness, our weekend in phuket was a welcome breather nonetheless.

Khai Nok island, Phuket, Thailand
Khai Nok island, Phuket

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

how i survived my first overseas journey

and live to tell the tale. i wasn't born rich nor i am rich now. as a family, we never ventured far from the confines of the beautiful island of cebu while i was growing up. i even crossed the seas for the first time only in my second year in college and that had reached me to zamboanga city where a cousin had his wedding. that was a wow moment for me knowing i had always wanted to see other places and to actually discover new things!

fast forward to the time when i began my slavery for work, i finally got my passport and i then thought it was a significant step towards an exciting experience and a promise where my locked up aspirations may turn into reality. air tickets and the difficult visa would have to come later in order not to ruin the moment. libre lang ang mangarap.

it was five years ago. going out of the country was the least of my concern then because there were still many places that i wanted to visit first in the philippines before attempting to squander a huge amount of money in a foreign land and before my father reprimands me of my superfluous behavior.

but sometimes circumstance would turn into your favor which was exactly what happened to me four years ago. my passport barely a year old then.

Friday, September 7, 2012

phuket a surprising food haven

i bought my lunch today from a thai food stall and that reminded me i have already uploaded my food photos from phuket over a week ago. although i bought a vietnamese dish which was quite ironic by the way, since it was a thai stall, the strong flavor of the lemongrass on my tender beef ushered back the feeling on how i gorged over delectable food that carefree weekend.

Pad Thai Prawn

prior on my phuket trip, i was informed by my cousin how good the food is in phuket and i wasn't surprised knowing that thai food is almost everywhere in the world now, which can only mean one thing, good food.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

cagayan de oro, the city of golden friendship

several posts ago, i made a resolution to recall the places that i had been and come up with decent narratives that could help me in the future when i would only remember the name of the place and grievously, nothing else.

does anyone in the world also share the same problem with me? and if you do one way or another, i can make use a bit of tea and sympathy. thank you.

now let's move on to a more cheerful part! cagayan de oro, the city of golden friendship!

The golden sun in the city of golden friendship!