Thursday, August 23, 2012

singapore's 47th

this year, singapore's 47th national day fell on a thursday, a measly one day short before the weekend. the pictures that i had this day were my sole reminders that it was after all a non-working day and that i had a one day respite before my work week ended.

singapore's national day is every 9th of august, the day they commemorate their freedom from malaysia. so hurrah for 2013, the 9th will fall on a friday!

NDP's Fireworks as seen from The Fullerton Hotel

before i continue on with my photos of my incidental encounter with ndp's fireworks, i'll start first of where i had been at the start of my day.

with nothing in mind, i tagged along with my cousins and roomie for their planned out tasks for the day, which didn't really involve the national day at all.

Food Republic in Suntec

a holiday which entails a mindset of anything goes will likely have its start late. true enough, we were out from the house almost lunchtime and as our stomachs commandeered, our first agenda was to head out for lunch.

Yong Tau Foo

it was my first time having a yong tau foo because the prelude of selecting the ingredients by myself, was kind of overwhelming for me. my soup turned out okay somehow.

 CityLink Mall's Holiday Banners

while the red-clad singaporeans headed towards the float@marina bay for their national day parade, our pack of four proceeded to citylink mall to look for a dress for my cousin and ended up buying some stationery somewhere along the way. then i got my pretty handy travel notebook with colorful stripes and i just had to buy an equally cute pen in a lavender case to come with it. the preceding statement is so random and out of context but i chose not to press the backspace. so deal with it. :P

Ngee Ann City's Event for the National Day

since we still couldn't find that perfect dress, we found ourselves in the shopping haven that goes by the name of orchard. though we drifted away from the national day parade event, the celebratory spirit of singapore was all over.

Fireworks Aftermath

with no definite idea still in mind, i then tagged along with my roomie and we went to boat quay after our failure on our milk tea-pursuit in orchard. the S$1 ice cream along the street had eased the frustration in some way, as we would like to think.

our cousins went home first for there were a lot of things in queue for them. but we still became another pack of four with my two college friends eagerly jumped in to our aimless fun! incidentally, both were around orchard that time.

as we surfaced from the subway at raffles station, we heard the sound of fireworks and we scampered towards wherever we could get a nice view, hoping against hope we wouldn't be seeing an aftermath like in the photo above. it would be heartbreaking!

Not quite a good view yet

Finally, I moved to the front. Strangely, there weren't not much people there.

Definitely not a Fullerton Hotel promotional photo

Boat Quay at night

Spot the building with its lights in Singapore's colors!

A building with a moving NDP text (Not in still picture okay?)

Meat Lover's Pizza in Timbre

it was a hectic day with activities happening as they would come in surprises. what else could be a better way than to end it with a scrumptious meat lover's?

then as we made our way back to the mrt station, we oddly found the slightest things quite funny.

I have no idea what these amusing statues represent.

Merchants deep in their conversation.

I should have gone bonkers to give credit to this funny foregone signage.

happy national day singapore!


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