Thursday, August 9, 2012

hand in hand for metro manila

i have only been to the capital for a very scarce number of 4 times. each of which was very short that spanned for only a few days. nonetheless, its current situation as of this writing does not require someone with a closer relationship, in order to feel its immediate need for relief and like me who's only been there for brief periods, would want to pitch in the best way that i can even if i'm miles away. i hope you do too.

Aerial View of Metro Manila

if only cebu could share its sunshine to the northern part of the country...

aside from this futile imagination, i had done a minute share through red cross philippines' website and it was such a breeze given there are various options to suit your preference and convenience.

we filipinos, certainly can withstand this adversity once again. if you're of different nationality, rest assured there won't be such thing as small help from you. :)


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