Wednesday, August 29, 2012

itinerary: phuket, thailand on a weekend

last july, i hopped on a plane and took a 2-hour plane ride to southern thailand's phuket island. because i can survive a hectic get-away, i did it on a weekend! eva empathized with me and the two of us then became a tandem that briefly escaped our work life and out into a beach life.

i didn't wholeheartedly lay out any hard core plans for this swift trip because it would stress me out which was the exact opposite of what i wanted. i only booked us one of the chicest accommodation so far ever in my life and researched on our airport transfer to our hotel. the rest of our time was made up of whatever things that came along.

are you plain crazy like us who also want to do phuket on a weekend? here's what we did!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

my travel notes: siem reap, cambodia

it's high time for me to end my narratives about cambodia. it doesn't mean though i'm tired talking about it but i fear that this would become a slow drag towards oblivion. i certainly hope not. i need these posts to fill in the gaps of my short-term memory.

the highlight of our stay in siem reap was the angkor temples and i already came up with a post on my thoughts regarding my experience -- that i wouldn't have to go back and get dizzy in an endless loop.

i'd be writing instead, about the other events that had transpired during the few hours that we weren't out scouring for the centuries old angkor temples.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

singapore's 47th

this year, singapore's 47th national day fell on a thursday, a measly one day short before the weekend. the pictures that i had this day were my sole reminders that it was after all a non-working day and that i had a one day respite before my work week ended.

singapore's national day is every 9th of august, the day they commemorate their freedom from malaysia. so hurrah for 2013, the 9th will fall on a friday!

NDP's Fireworks as seen from The Fullerton Hotel

before i continue on with my photos of my incidental encounter with ndp's fireworks, i'll start first of where i had been at the start of my day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the angkor temples in photos part II

my previous post, the part I was supposed to be an array of photos with a few words and less of my usual blabber but it turned out otherwise. i think the font i'm using makes the words appear more in number than the actual count. and seriously, i have come up with such alibi! haha

moving on with part II, here are the temples that we saw during the rest of our day tour.

Banteay Srei Temple aka The Pink Lady Temple

Saturday, August 11, 2012

batam on half a day

indonesia is a large archipelago that some of its islands extend just below singapore and interestingly, on its eastern side, it shares a big chunk of land with papua new guinea. bet you don't know that! but no worries, we're in the same boat! i also didn't know until i keyed in "indonesia" in google map. if you already knew it, good for you. really. there's no hint of bitterness in between these words. haha

well, batam is a tiny island in comparison to indonesia's other big islands and this minuscule island is just one of indonesia's 17,508 islands! yes, seventeen thousand! wow! it is merely a ferry ride away from singapore but quite strange indeed that i was only able to cross the border for indonesia just recently. a very contrasting point blurted out by my indonesian colleague. she said that i chose to fly to a more distant place than to get on a ferry to her country.

Harbour Bay Port, Batam, Indonesia

Thursday, August 9, 2012

hand in hand for metro manila

i have only been to the capital for a very scarce number of 4 times. each of which was very short that spanned for only a few days. nonetheless, its current situation as of this writing does not require someone with a closer relationship, in order to feel its immediate need for relief and like me who's only been there for brief periods, would want to pitch in the best way that i can even if i'm miles away. i hope you do too.

Aerial View of Metro Manila

if only cebu could share its sunshine to the northern part of the country...

aside from this futile imagination, i had done a minute share through red cross philippines' website and it was such a breeze given there are various options to suit your preference and convenience.

we filipinos, certainly can withstand this adversity once again. if you're of different nationality, rest assured there won't be such thing as small help from you. :)


Saturday, August 4, 2012

the angkor temples in photos part I

i don't have the nicest quality in my photos and i could even have the poorest there is since the angkor temples became known to the rest of the world. but then again, these were the very photos where my actual experience that day would forever be stuck in time - not even the professional photos can replace.

it has been my mantra that it would be a different experience if i got to visit a place again. there would be those subtle differences that would make my experience a bit or even entirely distinct from the previous one. plain obvious in my banner. yes, there could already be millions who had done the angkor tour but i'd like to think that my experience was different, since in the first place it's the actual me who was there.

all set and ready for an exciting day ahead with an overused angkor guide booklet in my hand, eva and i started our angkor tour at angkor thom, the last capital city of the khmer empire.

Bayon Temple