Monday, July 2, 2012

[singapore] stumbling in the dark at the gardens

singapore has recently opened its gardens by the bay to the public and it is situated at the back of marina bay sands. it is a refreshing sight to behold in contrast to the skyscrapers in the central business district.

since i'm still in my testing phase of my camera, i brought it with me at the night of the opening day and in order to assure myself that i'm not harboring regrets, i would like to see how it would fare and if it was really worth it for me to spare a big chunk of my meager funds.

because the garden was way too dark when we arrived, with only a faint glow of the lamp posts along the path, i only took a few photos and i can even only pick 4 out of the few.

Flower Dome

this temperature-controlled dome serves as a massive greenhouse that houses diverse plants and flowers  found in various places around the world. obviously when this dome came into our view, it had already closed for the night.

i was with my friend and my cousin and paying a visit to the gardens was just a spur of the moment idea. so when we got there after work, all we could see was an almost pitch-dark garden.

Marina Bay Sands

this is the view of the marina bay sands from the gardens and the lights reflected in the lagoon made the picture serene and quite moving.

Super Trees

these lofty structures are called super trees. super because these man-made trees are garden in itself with several functions environmentally and they even light up at night!

Marina Bay Sands and a Super Tree!

i may not be back soon because i want the trees and the plants to grow their roots firmly on the soil; and for them to look more natural.

Gardens by the Bay (by my blackberry)

this was the gardens by the bay which was still under construction, as seen on top of the marina bay sands. like the marina bay sands, the gardens also lies on top of a reclaimed land.


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