Saturday, June 23, 2012

[singapore] roti prata in a spur

i normally don't cook here (singapore) and boiling potatoes, heating food in the microwave nor making a toast are considered serious cooking. the lazy me thinks that there's so much involved in a real cooking and i have to do everything from peeling and slicing, cooking, eating (yes, included!) and the worst part in the end, i have to clean the dishes by myself! i know i shouldn't be complaining about this for i'm grateful that at least i have something to pacify my rumbling stomach. on a serious note though, i find it more expensive having to prepare a real deal meal (rhymes are cute). blanching vegetables is the closest gesture to cooking that i can do here.

i live across a mall where the eating places seem like extensions of our kitchen, as phrased by my cousin. mostly on weekends when sloth is a permanent visitor, we only head to our extended kitchen to get our meals. for now, this downright convenience has more disadvantages that significantly outnumbered the benefits. talk about laziness and next door shopping.

so one dinnertime in our extended kitchen, i had ordered a dish that surprised me when i reached my table.

congee (rice porridge) was in my mind as i made my way along the food stalls but the roti prata stall stopped me in my tracks and before i could ask myself why, i ordered a roti prata with egg.

i had no idea what to expect but in my mind, roti prata shouldn't be something of a wild experience when it comes to food. i even asked my roomie if eating it with spoon and fork would be an insult to the food. roti prata is best to be eaten using your hand and you then have to generously dip it in the curry bowl. my roti prata even if it was with egg was bland in taste and as an fyi for the ignorant me, the curry is its perfect pair.

and another one for the books, i had to confirm to the auntie that i ordered with egg thinking it would be served separately! it was just "so so" actually and i still have to be braver to try other roti prata that will be several notches higher. i have my hopes that this will not be my first and last roti prata (after my cousin told me that there are also chocolate and fruits variants!)

Roti Prata with egg - SGD1.80


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