Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[singapore] i'm an east coast girl

time indeed flies! and i have written about that a lot of times already. i am here in singapore for seven months and before i even know it, my first year could then be knocking on my door! seven months and i have only come up with 5 posts about my stay and most of them were about food. i have been here and there around the island but the mood to write about it seldom comes by.

i also would not want to equate singapore as purely work and the stress that most likely goes with it. of course, there are fun times although i think the money here tends to be more volatile especially for a girl, because retail therapy can be done in a breeze and worse, the sale that seems to happen too frequently.

to do away from imminent shopping, my best advice i can give to myself is to go to places with outdoorsy feel like parks instead of going to malls and even shops along the streets!

East Coast Park

one of the many things i like in singapore is the number of parks that they have, even if the city-state has only a relatively small land area. their zoning is brilliant and as well as their landscapes. do they have a prototype in sim city so that anyone can copy?

the park that i frequent is the east coast park. because i live in the eastern side of the island, the east coast park is convenient for me although in the four instances that i was here, i was only tagged along by friends.

this is the closest feel that anyone can have for a beach in singapore aside from the beaches in sentosa. the seemingly white sands can be somewhat picture perfect.

just don't point the camera to the horizon where cargo ships are lining up. since singapore is a regional hub in the asia pacific, cargo ships are a normal sight.

if you give up on counting the sheeps ships, there are also a lot of activities you can do in the park. east coast park is a looong stretch that it isn't a good idea to tell someone that you meet up at east coast park without making a reference on any landmark. since the park is huge, it is divided by areas, named with letters and each area is already big!

for you to have a greater coverage of the park, there are bicycles for rent in each area or do it with more thrill with roller blades!

grass means for beginners. this was only for a few minutes. it was just for picture purposes. that time, my friend wanted to celebrate her birthday by challenging her sense of balance with roller blades.

yes, there are those who frolic in the water. me? i am already fine with the ambiance. thank you.

sometimes, i appreciate stillness where i can better watch my life in retrospect. what better time of the day to do it other than sunset?

apart from these things, there are also designated barbecue pits which you need to book online beforehand. the park is a good place to spend your lazy weekend with the company of the people who also appreciate laid back atmosphere.

yes i love parks. they are my alternative to shopping.


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