Monday, June 25, 2012

an ode to my ixy

the first time i stepped on the city-state, i was with my brother and i can't forget how he longed to go back to cebu after he had seen how organized things are in this place. he felt that he was always on his toes and he didn't like that.

as for me, i'm in the opposite side of the spectrum. i have already enough chaos - figuratively that is, at work and i would deeply appreciate nice and neat things.

a lengthy explanation for this random photo.

recently, i found myself taking photos around me because i am still getting the hang of the manual settings of s100.

and i'm finally handing over my loyal ixy 510is to my mother - the small blue camera that had been with me for 3 years now and functionality-wise, it's good as new except that i have to move on to a better one for more vivid photos. huge cameras are out of the question, by the way.

since i have a bittersweet feeling of this remarkable phase, i want to write down the very first experience that i had with my camera, just plain camera because i don't name my things.

summer of 2009, while i was in japan, the little geek in me surfaced as i diligently searched for a point and shoot that would not burn a hole in my pocket. it was supposed to be lx3 but i couldn't afford it and how serious it looked then gave me more reason not to. so, i ended up with ixy 510is and through where you can find a price list of anything under the sun, across the entire country, i was able to find a store in akihabara that had it the cheapest. the store was not in plain sight and i was able to test my sense of direction to its limits with only the help of a snapshot of google map in my phone. the store was more of a stockroom with a small counter to entertain its customers. there were piles of cartons everywhere and the people there didn't talk much english, a normal situation that i always got into.

effort 1: figuring out my way around the kakaku site because translating it in google confused me more.
effort 2: finding the secluded store that was far from the rest.
effort 3: buying my camera with only a bunch of japanese words with me.

well, that camera gave up on me less than a month, giving me a black screen on top of the himeji castle which gave me a wild thinking that the ghosts in the castle didn't like me reaching out the camera through the small opening of the window.

Its very last photo

effort 4: going back to the store again and had it replaced. i lived in yokohama then and the train to akihabara in tokyo takes about an hour!

because calling directly the store was beyond my talent, i asked the help of a receptionist in my study center to bring up my case to the store through phone and i'm forever grateful to him for that. when i got back to the store, i got a replacement ready for pick-up, with no questions asked! or maybe, even if they had, i still wouldn't understand. haha

arigatou, dear camera. :)

*ixy 510is is a canon version in japan while s100, is a powershot still from canon.
lx3 is a panasonic lumix camera.


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