Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[singapore] hooked to beancurd and pearls

i have this occasional craving on something that sometimes, it's almost near to the borderline of plain addiction. when i was in college, there was a time when i endlessly salivated for cloud 9. oh wait, the name doesn't seem right. it sounds like a slang name of a stimulant that brings you to the highest clouds. not that i've tried!

then when i was already working in my first company, i had also an unexplained hunger for yogurt and it lasted for quite some time. this i shared with a girl colleague. together at high noon, we ventured under the extreme heat of the sun, to the mercury drugstore which sold yogurt at a cheaper price than the nearby 24-hour convenience store.

suddenly one day here in singapore, an intense craving for beancurd came over me!

Jollibean Beancurd

this was my second avail of the beancurd with pearls from jollibean. i guess the lady from jollibean had recognized me from last time and gave me a generous proportion of pearls! at least, that's what i think.

i didn't know that there's a stall selling beancurd at the mall near my place. i just believed otherwise after seeing three persons carrying small containers of beancurd in different instances in the bus station. when that fateful day of incomprehensible craving came, i confidently looked for the stall that seems to sell beancurd. alas! i found it in jollibean! although, the name certainly reminds me of jollibee, the famous fast food chain that overthrew ronald mcdonald in the philippines.

Mr. Bean's Beancurd

i accidentally found out about beancurd in mr. bean, a shop like jollibean that sells varieties of anything soy beans. in the philippines, beancurd is being peddled by a man who shouts "taho!!" early in the morning and most frequently, that time when dawn breaks into an early morn. here's a man balancing his two containers of "taho".

with no clue that beancurd is the english equivalent term of "taho", i ordered two in mr. bean. i had to exclaim to auntie in mr. bean that i wanted only one as she was about to make my second serving of beancurd. but it was too late, she thought that i only wanted one beancurd with pearls.

A Stack of Mr. Bean

forgive me of my naiveté and downright ignorance, i now know what's beancurd! LOL from the dictionary definition, it's a cheeselike food made of curdled soybean milk.

well for me, i like mr. bean's beancurd more than jollibean and i swear it doesn't have to do with their names. what i like with mr. bean's is that it has the right amount of syrup to sweeten the bland beancurd but i think i just can specify to jollibean that i want one with more syrup.

Mr. Bean Store at NEX Serangoon

both are selling their beancurds at the same price.
plain beancurd - 1.70SGD
with pearls - 0.40SGD

Mr. Bean's website: (life's simple pleasures)
Jollibean's website: (we've bean spreading joy)

when i would be reading this post again exactly the same year from now, i wonder what would be my craving that time. hmmm


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