Monday, May 21, 2012

[singapore] bella pasta on a whim

aside from my utter craving for beancurd, there was also the pizza which my taste buds made a huge clamor to my whimsical brain and this happened one fine saturday in march.

oh, my taste buds were not just into something ordinary but they were up to something with grandeur and they even brushed aside pizza hut's huge tarpaulin ad. my stomach could only hold back its needs as it was greatly dominated by my taste buds' insolence.

because that time, i had again a random date with myself, i was only able to take awkward photos courtesy of my blackberry's inferior camera. the above photo is bella pasta's magnificent coaster with its name in a very delightful cursive script.

i found bella pasta in my google search for that kind of pizza which didn't have the regular and commercial taste. in other words, it shouldn't be a pizza chain.

Pizza Condiments

And my juice drink that seems to lack of consistency.

to the sane people, these shots in a restaurant belong to the most nonsense category. a coaster? condiments? and a not so enticing drink on top of that!

Bella Pizza

heck no, i'm not kidding you! this medium-sized pizza that's good for 4 persons was all mine to devour! the waitress initially gave me the pasta menu but i ignored the pasta selections that came with italian names i didn't understand. i really had to appease my craving that time so i asked for their pizza menu.

after a quick browse of the pizza menu, i then chose pizza capricciosa that was made of tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, cooked ham and artichokes. the artichokes had probably caught my fancy. i had no idea what it was! sorry, i am an uncultured individual who only wants to eat differently once in a while.

My Smothered Pizza

when the waiter served my pizza with the size that's clearly not for me, i could almost consider his remark to enjoy my pizza in a subtly sarcastic tone! but i didn't care. haha

i was not even sure if the way i smothered my pizza with paprika and parmesan was acceptable by the norms. still, i didn't care as long as i was able to satisfy my craving for pizza and it turned out to be an authentic italian pizza at that!

Weird and Awkard

the whole point of this picture is the bella pasta name and please don't mind me.


Pizza Capricciosa - SGD24.00
Juice (I forgot what exactly that was!) - SGD4.00
Service Charge - SGD2.80
GST - SGD2.16
Total: SGD32.96

Don't fret with the exuberant price. The meal that I had was good for four persons!

Robertson Quay, Riverside View, Singapore

Riverside View


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