Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my travel notes: malacca, malaysia

time flies so swiftly that before everything has even sunk in, it's already mid-May and half of 2012 will then be part of our glorious years. but wait, where did all those 5 months go for me? to answer that, i had to actually pause for a moment and think of the previous months' events at break-neck speed! whoa! okay, press the play button.

well, there's nothing i can do about that. what's done is done and i can only carry on with much hope for tomorrow, kissing yesterday goodbye. :)

before malacca gets archived at the back of my mind because my meager memory can only handle so much, what better time for me to end my melakan narration than now.

Strangely, I have my face in this concluding post.

1 day trip, 2 days, x days?

i know each person has his/her own reason why he/she travels or steps outside from one's comfort zone, whether mainly for pictures or do more than that. if you love being in pictures and you have a great camera to boot, then malacca is good for 1 day. it's very possible to start your day early from singapore, head to malacca and be back in singapore before another day steps in.

i like to consider myself in between. i love taking pictures although i don't have a good camera to brag but i also love to explore a new place at a steady pace. in this way, i will be able to take in the culture and the pictures will resonate more with meaning when i look at them one day.

chinese new year or not?

when to go? i don't regret that breinn and i went there during the chinese new year festivities. the closed shops were a good thing. at least, we weren't able to squander our scrimpy resources - that much. the chinese new year celebration in malacca was my closest authentic feel of the new year by the chinese. okay, i just made a statement with a circular thought.

as for the rest of the year, malacca will surely have something different to offer, subtle maybe or it may take a few scratches on its surface.

how to go around?

i don't intend to preach how we painstakingly went around malacca because not everyone would be up for something so arduous; when you're supposedly in a relaxing vacation! to say it bluntly, we walked and walked. yes, we owed our feet a lot.

if you don't want to experience the same fate, you can hire the most flamboyant ride in the entire malacca, the trishaws!

they do have taxis but it wouldn't add to malacca's charm. the inner malacca has narrow roads so that may cause a problem as well. we only hired a taxi in two instances, getting to our hotel from melaka sentral and vice versa. i also noticed that their taxis didn't have meters and our drivers set a fixed price relative to the traffic flow. on our first day, we paid 20RM but on our way back to melaka sentral, we paid 25RM because the traffic was outrageous.


as my breinn err brain refuses to work for another notable note (redundancy is cute), i'm listing down the rest of my posts about malacca. enjoy!

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