Saturday, May 5, 2012

malacca on day 2

having given our distressed feet a huge favor of a much needed rest, we again started our day 2 bright and early with a free breakfast at the baba house. our breakfast was a fusion of western and the local melakan food flair which gave us energy for another day of leisure and fun in the guise of an excruciating walk.

at this point, i'm giving you a fair warning that this post is filled with pictures mostly of two human beings who happened to be me and breinn. this is unusual because as much as possible, i don't want to parade my face to the world wide web and strangely, i believe that there might be a chance that i could be an abomination to someone who originally consults google for help but it ends otherwise.

a quick realization. i should be paying more attention to what's there and not with me in it.

Chinese New Year Aftermath

i'll be keeping my blabber to a minimum since this is going to be an overflow of images.

these colorful dragon sticks reminded me of the sinulog festival back home in cebu.

Masjid Kampung Kling

it's my first time to see a mosque with distinct influences of other cultures. in this case, chinese, hindu and malay.

since it was still early and the sun was slowly dragging itself from its slumber, we got easily mesmerized by a lot of things that caught our fancy and weirdness. or was it only mine? i could even imagine myself now screeching for this blue gate! and there's even the green one on the left.

you should have realized by now that my warning does mean something. these pictures are just the beginning of our narcissism and you're very welcome not to continue.

Malacca River at Day (Just ignore me)

White Building (Just ignore him :D)

malacca is a technicolor of different cultures and influences. one moment, i'm staring at a chinese temple and in another, a protestant church. i'm not sure though what this building is for but it reminded me of the structures in baguio city, philippines which had american influences on them. there's even a pine tree to complete the picture!

An old tree that caught my eye.

Another museum at the back of Stadthuys

the tilts meant that we were gasping for air as we made our ascent for st. paul's hill.

Finally, St. Paul's Hill!

oh don't be fooled with that smiling face! a photo camera takes shots instantaneously without having to record an actual ordeal process. moreover, a camera commands well for attention and prim behavior.

Ruins of  St. Paul (Don't ask me what I'm doing.)

Remarkable writing on a stone! 
(Microsoft Word should get intimidated.)


What's down there?

there's a guy who plays flute marvelously here and your few ringgits are well appreciated right into his hat.

Old Cannon at the foot of St. Paul's Hill

i'm not exactly sure what's the point of this distorted face.

Porta de Santiago

Bastion House, A Museum

Museum of Enduring Beauty

we didn't stop by these museums because we're too stingy to even think of entrance fees but the museum with enduring beauty as its name is quite something.

An old plane about to crash an old train. Just kidding.

Mahkota Parade

this vaguely reminded me of some huge supermarket in the US (not that i've been there. LOL) while breinn on the other hand, to him this was like the gaisano country mall in cebu which be the way, rang more true than my delusion.

we then raided their groceries for some local sweets which breinn brought home because similar goodies are priced expensively in singapore.

yay! almost done with malacca!


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