Monday, May 21, 2012

[singapore] bella pasta on a whim

aside from my utter craving for beancurd, there was also the pizza which my taste buds made a huge clamor to my whimsical brain and this happened one fine saturday in march.

oh, my taste buds were not just into something ordinary but they were up to something with grandeur and they even brushed aside pizza hut's huge tarpaulin ad. my stomach could only hold back its needs as it was greatly dominated by my taste buds' insolence.

because that time, i had again a random date with myself, i was only able to take awkward photos courtesy of my blackberry's inferior camera. the above photo is bella pasta's magnificent coaster with its name in a very delightful cursive script.

Friday, May 18, 2012

itinerary: cambodia from singapore and the philippines

yes this itinerary consists of three southeast-asian countries! and everything just happened in 6 days! don't keep your hopes high though because this doesn't involve hopping in each country for a very limited time, that i should say.

before my title misleads you to something grand, the story goes this way. in this blog, i have quite a lot of posts where i had dragged my brother to my getting-out-there whims like in vigan, legazpi and his first out of the country trip in singapore and malaysia. he is my go-to ally when it comes to hopping on a budget plane because i have booked for him a number of times without him knowing about it. he almost always gives me an affirmative answer anyway! well, after some endless coaxing and besides, i'm his elder sister who likes to get her way no matter what. kidding.

since i exiled myself here in singapore for almost 6 months now (really? half a year?!), it's quite hard already to bring my brother with me to wherever i fancy at the moment err where the seat sale is bound for.

but there's an old adage, if there's a will, there's a way. so, he hopped on the currently infamous cebu pacific flight from manila to siem reap while me and eva, my college friend/roomie hopped on jetstar asia from singapore to phnom penh. see below how the three of us would meet up! ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my travel notes: malacca, malaysia

time flies so swiftly that before everything has even sunk in, it's already mid-May and half of 2012 will then be part of our glorious years. but wait, where did all those 5 months go for me? to answer that, i had to actually pause for a moment and think of the previous months' events at break-neck speed! whoa! okay, press the play button.

well, there's nothing i can do about that. what's done is done and i can only carry on with much hope for tomorrow, kissing yesterday goodbye. :)

before malacca gets archived at the back of my mind because my meager memory can only handle so much, what better time for me to end my melakan narration than now.

Strangely, I have my face in this concluding post.

1 day trip, 2 days, x days?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

my hometown series: the sanctuary

i went home during the holy week and for the non-believers, it was the first week of april. it was a good 5-day hibernation while savoring the laid back atmosphere and the extraordinary warmth of the people around me.

i forgot about the ticking of the clock because i wanted to completely spend my time catching up with my dear ones, having homely conversations on rickety bamboo benches under tall palm trees. for me, nothing superfluous can ever beat that!

in one of those 5 days, there was a mini reunion with my relatives in my mother side and like almost every gathering that we had, we headed to the sea! oh, how sweet it is to live in an island!

Tabogon Sanctuary

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[singapore] hooked to beancurd and pearls

i have this occasional craving on something that sometimes, it's almost near to the borderline of plain addiction. when i was in college, there was a time when i endlessly salivated for cloud 9. oh wait, the name doesn't seem right. it sounds like a slang name of a stimulant that brings you to the highest clouds. not that i've tried!

then when i was already working in my first company, i had also an unexplained hunger for yogurt and it lasted for quite some time. this i shared with a girl colleague. together at high noon, we ventured under the extreme heat of the sun, to the mercury drugstore which sold yogurt at a cheaper price than the nearby 24-hour convenience store.

suddenly one day here in singapore, an intense craving for beancurd came over me!

Jollibean Beancurd

Sunday, May 6, 2012

malacca and our appetites

i can now see the beckoning light from the end of this series of our melakan roundabout. thankfully! it has been almost four months since breinn and i made a weekend trip to malacca during the chinese new year holidays. cheesy as it might sound but by looking at the pictures, our trip seemed to be just only yesterday!

although what we had wasn't a total experience of malacca because most of the shops were closed for the holidays. we only had to contend with the very few remaining shops that opened their doors for those like us, who were resolute to stay in malacca in the midst of their new year celebration. malacca by the way, has a significant number of chinese populace that constitute a huge part of its culture and history.

but no regrets just love err enjoy? well, that's quoting katy perry. seriously though, breinn and i consider our melakan experience an important pinned post on our imaginary travel board.

Jonker 88

Seafood Soup Noodle (RM 5.5++)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

malacca on day 2

having given our distressed feet a huge favor of a much needed rest, we again started our day 2 bright and early with a free breakfast at the baba house. our breakfast was a fusion of western and the local melakan food flair which gave us energy for another day of leisure and fun in the guise of an excruciating walk.

at this point, i'm giving you a fair warning that this post is filled with pictures mostly of two human beings who happened to be me and breinn. this is unusual because as much as possible, i don't want to parade my face to the world wide web and strangely, i believe that there might be a chance that i could be an abomination to someone who originally consults google for help but it ends otherwise.

a quick realization. i should be paying more attention to what's there and not with me in it.

Chinese New Year Aftermath