Saturday, April 21, 2012

malacca at dusk and at night

here i am again at this dreary point where i'm faced with too many delayed posts! i haven't even finished my malacca posts and yet, in a week's time, i will be on another jaunt for another tick on my south-east asian list. fingers crossed to that! as per usual, i will be kicking it off with an itinerary which until now, i haven't done! go away, procrastination!

my mood for writing can be so elusive like an annoying fly hovering your food. oops, that may be an appropriate comparison but i hope you get my point. it's really hard for the writing spirit to come down on me especially that most of the time, i'm having a brain drain on a daily basis due to my frequently demanding work but i'm not complaining!

i can't believe i've made up again another excuse to put into my bucket almost filled up with reasons for my blog posting hiatus.

picking up where i left off in my malacca narration, i still continue with our day 1. there's so much to write about malacca even if breinn and i only jumpstarted our day in the afternoon.

Water Wheel along the Malacca River

i actually forgot to write about this wooden water turbine in my first post about our day 1 in malacca. we passed by this humongous water wheel along the river as we hopped and skipped towards the malacca river cruise ticket counter.

in this particular spot, breinn and i were amused with how a number of guys each with his own very masculine build, dictated the girl who was with them on the proper angles of their self-portraits. rightfully so, they had the giant water turbine as their backdrop and it took them a really long time so we just decided to proceed to the river cruise. people can be indeed very surprising! "don't judge the book by its cover" time and again ever rings true!

this water wheel by the way is the representation of a bygone water turbine that had served the traders and the melakans eons ago.

Old Ship near Malacca's Harbor

The Old Ship at Night

Trader Statues with Their Goods
this ship that resembles an ancient vessel, enthralled us from afar as we made our way to the malacca river cruise. this ship however is not docked ashore but on land.

inside the ship is actually a museum where you need to enclose your feet with the museum-provided plastic bags. however, you can be comfortably in your shoes while you act as pirates or be the distraught lovers, jack and rose from titanic in the outside decks. i hope though that the used plastic bags get recycled.

there are a lot of extraordinary things that you can find in the museum, namely the small duplicates of ancient ships, antique but nifty maps long before google, old coins and even old guns!

Entrance Fees: RM3.00 for Adults, RM1.00 for Children below 12 years old, Free Admittance for Children below 6 years old

Menara Taming Sari 

this tower which is menara in malay, has the height of 80 meters and it offers a 360° view of central malacca! i couldn't really tell if this one is worth it for we let this one go after a swift consensus. there were a lot of people lining up that time but i think the more valid reason was that the height apparently frightened us!

Entrance Fees: RM20.00 for Adults, RM10.00 for Children

Old Melakan Buildings

Mahkota Parade Mall

Dataran Pahlawan Mall

these two malls are just in front of each other but mahkota seems to have more shops and even those with international names. unfortunately for us, since we were there during the chinese new year holidays, there was not much going on and most shops were closed. although, there's an outlet shop in line with mcdonald's above, that was open. it then gave us a chance to do a bit of retail therapy after an agonizing excursion and for a while, we disregarded our exhausted feet!

Colorfully Lit Trishaws at Night

we did not notice any mode of frequent public transport around the city apart from these entertaining trishaws, adorned with artificial flowers and whatnots. each trishaw has its own sound box blaring some malaysian pop song. we even encountered two trishaws fighting off for the best booming sound as the other one tried to outplay the other.

tourists can avail the trishaw by RM40.00 per hour according to wiki travel or probably, your rate may depend on how cheap you can negotiate. of course, don't make it dirt cheap for these melakans are just trying to make a decent living. well for the locals, they generally go about with their own scooters.

please don't be like us. because we found the trishaws expensive, we opted to test our feet to its limits!

Malacca River at Night

more on malacca in the coming posts! and hopefully, i won't be slacking off!


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