Monday, April 23, 2012

jonker street at night in malacca

while breinn and i wandered aimlessly around dataran pahlawan amid its predominantly closed shops, jonker street cast away the day's toil of minimal economic activities and the bumper-to-bumper traffic situation into a hubbub at night. the street was closed to vehicles and it paved way for the food carts, mobile souvenir shops, and vendors peddling a significant number of china-made products from bags, belts, clothes and almost close to everything.

dragging utmost our beaten up feet with the minuscule of energy that was left, this dragon welcomed us at the start of the jonker street again. this time, more fierce and domineering than it was during daytime. the night lights probably did a trick on my vision or was it hunger mixed with exhaustion that came into play?

The mighty dragon in Jonker Street.

the smell of local satay set in an array of mixed delights at the back of a small truck, greeted our much eager nostrils. however, it was then part of my regret board because we didn't try even a single stick of grilled meat. sigh.

Jonker Street turns into a Jonker Walk.

the name jonker is said to be a dutch origin. i came across the website of hang tuah souvenir shop detailing the history of its name. jonker street is the low counterpart of its parallel street, heeren which signified nobility during the dutch era in malacca.

here are some scenes that my poor camera had captured before its battery died and other even low quality shots are by my blackberry.

we finally had our dinner in geographer's café after making our way through throngs of crowd and stopping by a few souvenir shops in which most of the time, we went out empty-handed. i totally forgot the names of the food that we ordered and even breinn who supposedly got a more dependable memory than me. they had their menu on their website but we totally can't recall the exact name but i'm pretty sure we had chicken bites!

Is this Jonker's Fried Rice?

i had to actually stop breinn before he devoured the entire thing for this picture. this was already how his food looked like just a few seconds it was served and i had to take a snap in the nick of time! how good the food was couldn't be more clearly explained than this. well, the chicken bites was sinful! and with the chili sauce, they made a perfect evil pair.

The Heineken in front of Geographer's Café

Chinese Fan Dance! Superb!

Fierce and Ready for the New Year Dance!

and below is absolutely unrelated with the festivities at the jonker street that night but breinn insisted to take a picture of this profound cheesiness.


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