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[singapore] a date with charlie brown

let me tell you about charlie brown. no, not about who he is because he is already quite deserving for his own wiki entry here. oh, this recent news suddenly crossed my mind. the ever dependable britannica encyclopedia has decided to stop its print edition and in order to keep up with the times, they're now fully shifted towards the digital age. i know, this is so random but those a-z hard-bound books that i saw back then in someone else's bookshelf tinged my thoughts with sadness. my parents couldn't afford the whole lot and as consolation, we only had that big blue hard-bound dictionary along with a few english grammar books. i'm not sure if that dictionary is merriam webster's but i can remember the bundles of my hair and my siblings' in between some of its pages. it was said to make us brilliant according to my mother but obviously, that didn't help my memory.

on to charles which is the real name of charlie. i haven't been closely interested with him and i only even knew first his cutesy dog, snoopy that had been dubbed as the favorite cartoon character by many of my classmates in high school. i watched in awe to their things with snoopy prints all over. i simply couldn't relate. gosh, i even had to cook up a story that my favorite character was tweety bird! it was the first thing that probably came to mind that instant. because my childhood years were spent in a nice remote place with only one tv channel available, i never took fancy of cartoon characters early on. although now, i enjoy some good animated films like the ones made by pixar.

so what happens to charlie brown? i have more realized his presence when i accidentally found myself in the midst of a snoopy fair in mitsukoshi department store in ginza, tokyo. the snoopy fair became a comfort in contrast to the exuberant prices of everything there. well, the only thing that i braved to check was the price of burberry hankies that i was considering buying but eventually dropped the idea for the clumsy me would just lose it.

Mitsukoshi Department Store, Ginza, Tokyo

it wasn't my intention to go to a snoopy fair but nonetheless, the child in me was elated! i didn't take away as much loot as that of a real fan but i just bought postcards which i sent to my dear ones and to myself to the philippines. i got the postcard idea from my new found friend in japan who was a co-trainee. so there, the bald charlie brown was in all those postcards.

then, my second encounter with charlie was 2 years after which was last year when i went to hong kong. surprisingly, going to his café had made it to the itinerary. however, i didn't dine and i only took pictures from its first floor and all the way to its second floor. by this time, charlie has somehow tugged my heartstrings that i made a dedicated post about him here. i seemed to walk on a peanuts comic strip saga in hong kong since i also went to its snoopy world.

but those 2 encounters didn't really make me a die hard fan even if i have to consider those few times when i inadvertently read its comic strip several years ago in newspapers. however, i can't deny the sense of positivity when i see the peanuts gang, carefree and happy!

The Peanuts gang in Hong Kong.

fast forward today, i never thought i would have this sort of  continuing acquaintance with charlie now that i'm in singapore. i just even explained our budding friendship in several long-winded paragraphs above. anyway, with how small singapore is, i tend to end up at the same place a number of times or i haven't looked hard enough, whichever is the case. but the orchard road is a very famous stretch in singapore especially that occasional retail therapy can be much done here. so, i walk along its heels-friendly pavements every now and then.

one time around orchard, i delightfully found singapore's sole charlie brown café which is not alongside the main street but seemingly hidden from the crowd which i very much prefer! then came a saturday night when i finally paid charlie a visit thinking he still had a seat for me since most likely, people would be somewhere in a more adult setting on a weekend night. true enough, he had an empty small table left for me!

Charlie Brown Café in Somerset, Singapore

the good ole charlie beckoned me with a no service charge. yes, it's very rare here in singapore, the dining places that don't have a service charge. i just even know one, and it's charlie's café! on the brighter side, you don't somewhat feel obliged to make a tip.

Charlie Brown Café Menu

after crossing my fingers in my mind while passing by cramped restaurants in the area, i arrived at charlie's café with a lesser crowd and i even had a small table all by myself.

Italian Baked Rice

it took me a long time to decide on what to eat. i was choosing between the healthier salad and this italian baked rice. well, i ended up with this because the greens might not last me till morning.

i just had to take a snap of my italian baked rice up close for when it was served, it looked like the normal baked pasta. i then felt guilty afterwards because the meal proved to be uncomfortably heavy for me. before i know it, i could be stocking up another extra load around my waist. but the taste was sufficiently scrumptious and it's surely a different italian twist from the conventional baked pasta!

Snappy - Kiwi Strawberry

because i wanted something other than my fail-safe iced lemon tea, i opted for this kiwi strawberry. it's a little bit sour. there's probably more kiwi than strawberry in it.

A table for 2?

frankly, i was a bit mushy that night for it was supposedly a cheesy day for breinn and me, that extraordinary day of the month which i sometimes forgot.

thanks for the night charlie and thanks for being a proxy. :D till then! i will surely be back since you have a crêpe in your menu. because one fine day, i craved for crêpe and i didn't know where to go but now i found you!


Run down:
Italian Baked Rice - SGD11.80
Snapple Kiwi Strawberry - SGD3.90
The total price was 7% GST inclusive so I just paid SGD15.70.

Charlie Brown Café
#01-25/25A (Discovery Walk)
313 Somerset, Orchard Road


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