Saturday, March 24, 2012

my hometown series: my favorite cove in tabogon

when i go home and i take the longer route, my senses come alive with inner peace and gratification while i marvel at this huge cove even if i only have a few minutes to gaze at its yonder expanse. by the time the mini-bus takes its sharp turn along the winding road in this area and with some deafening pop song in the mix, i eagerly extend my neck towards the window and let the sea breeze caress my face. there are times that i have to forcefully open a frequently stuck window or that makeshift window made of ply board just to get my nose in the open air.

it's a different feeling that comes over me and for how weird i sometimes become, i'm not really sure if another soul also similarly shares this profound rush like mine.

as it should be, i just have to snap some pictures of this cove and this is one of those lucky times that i was able to and in which case, my memory had served me good. applause! not to mention, i had to grab my camera in panic and i immediately went on a shooting craze while hoping for a couple of shots to be fairly good. to my amusement, i had managed with 5. yay!

there are houses perched on top of this cliff with the great blue sea down below. i wonder if the people living  here still have that deep appreciation on how a great scenery they have which is coupled with the sea that seems to stretch to infinity and of course the bright skies during sunny days.

someday, i would love to wake up every morning in a place like this because surely, this never fails to offer me tranquility and sense of contentment. well as the reality would likely bite, having this for a few days may already suffice.

this cove in tabogon however does not entice those beach bums because apparently with all those mangroves, the sea meets not a white sandy shore but a marshland.

i was persistent to take a snap of a perfect curve but my mini bus sped away like there's no such thing as speed limit which is obviously the case in the countryside.

yes, this is where i got my image that i used as hyperlink for my hometown series and if you care enough, it's in the upper right corner of this page. though the water does not draw you to impulsively jump in, the crashing tides and the immense of the deep blue sea would surely retreat your mind from the chaos of the city. i yearn for something like that once in a while to save me from the urban distress.

this cove is in the village of daan-tabogon which literally means old tabogon and it is probably about 20 minutes to the town center. you need to go through the borbon route to pass by this one.

hopefully since i'm going home soon, i'll be able to breathe in the air around here, take in its glory and save the feeling when i get back to reality.


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