Tuesday, February 7, 2012

itinerary: malacca, malaysia

oh yes, here i go again, just popping out of the blue! even the graph of my stats screams utter boredom and it's going down down... well, i'm just glad that it hasn't reached zero yet. haha!

where have i been in these few months? i've been working but not that i'm extremely busy with work which is an incredible change by the way. i'm guessing that the writing spirit in me has gone on vacation somewhere really far, say to timbuktu! but i would like to think that it's back and it settles just fine here in singapore. :)

two occurrences had probably somehow pushed me to continue writing a disarray of words and thoughts. first, i followed lonely planet on twitter and to my disbelief, it followed me back! yeah, probably it just follows anyone who follows them but still, it's lonely planet! haha and with that, i rest my case.

second, paulo coelho's blog post on travel found its way on my facebook's news feed, courtesy of the sole sisters' facebook post and i couldn't agree more on his thoughts on travelling.

but before i get lost in another long introduction which i likely do every time, here's my itinerary on my recent trip to malacca, malaysia during the chinese new year. breinn was with me, so yeah!

Christ Church, Malacca, Malaysia

from here on, my origin will most likely be from singapore unless i specify otherwise. yes, i just had moved out indefinitely from my country, the philippines. :)

Day 1: 22-Jan-2012, Sunday
07:00    Head to Nicoll Highway MRT (Circle Line)
07:30    From Nicoll Highway MRT, walk to Golden Mile Complex
08:00    Get Boarding Pass for the Starmart Express Bus to Malacca
08:30    ETD Singapore to Malacca
13:30    ETA Malacca
14:00    Head to The Baba House by Taxi
Option A: Take a Local Bus
Option B: Take a Taxi
15:00    Arrive at The Baba House
15:30    City Tour Day 1 by Walking
                Jonker Walk
                The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum
The Stadthuys
                Melaka Clock Tower
Christ Church Melaka
The Maritime Museum
Melaka River Cruise
20:00    Dinner at Jonker Walk
Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
Walk around Jonker Walk
Geographer's Cafe
Day 2: 23-Jan-2012, Monday
08:00    Breakfast at the Hotel
09:00    City Tour Day 2 by Walking again!
Menara Taming Sari
St Paul’s Hill (A Famosa)
Dataran Pahlawan MegaMall
Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall
Istana Museum Melaka
11:30    Head back to Hotel
12:00    Check-out
13:00    Lunch at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
14:30    Head to Melaka Sentral by Taxi
Melaka Bazaar
15:00    Get Boarding Pass for the Starmart Express to Singapore
15:30    ETD Malacca to Singapore
20:30    ETA Singapore

although there were not much in our itinerary but the walking definitely took a toll on us! we didn't have even a single ride (except on the river cruise) when we did the tour. it was a whole lot of walking because after all, everything's just a walking distance or so, we thought!  :D

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