Saturday, February 11, 2012

getting to malacca from singapore

i have once again chosen the starmart express bus service during my recent trip to malacca. the first time i booked with them was during my kuala lumpur trip with my brother. our kuala lumpur-singapore round trips were both comfortably uneventful except on the fact that we never had a stop-over during the 5-hour ride.

and i definitely prepared myself this second time around! to keep myself from squirming due to some probable nature calls, i only took a sip of water just to get me through the long bus ride because sadly, everything in its liquid state is diuretic for my body.

i even expected that it would take much longer to reach malacca because breinn and i scheduled our trip the day before the chinese new year. there would likely be a horde of people who want to cross the border, in immigration exit points.

where is malacca, malaysia?

if you can't see the start and end destinations (i have no idea how to zoom out the view by default.), kindly click on the "-" button to see them.

there are many bus companies that ply the singapore-malacca & vice versa route and there are even travel agencies that offer a 1-day tour from singapore. it's like saying "hello & goodbye malacca!". bus rides are comfortable and relaxed, along conveniently-laid out expressways.

how to get to malacca from singapore?

with the onset of just-a-click-away convenience, i have been already doing many of my transactions online. it   saves trees! while i was slowly putting our itinerary together, i came across this website that does bus booking to several destinations from singapore.

it lets you choose your preferred bus among the bus companies that are tied up with them. i guess i was inclining to my comfort zone since i chose my tried and tested starmart bus express. however they charge you with a minimal booking fee which is worth your hassle of heading to the actual bus company's booking office.

Bridge separating
Singapore from Malaysia
starmart bus express bound for malacca makes its exit from singapore via tuas second link. my project leader at work even forewarned me that immigration exits might be clogged with people heading to malaysia. good thing though, tuas second link was not heavily crowded and we were able to pass through immigration in less than an hour. yes, that was a feat already! there were probably around 10 buses in queue that time.

to know the real-time traffic information in singapore expressways and exits, you can view still images through this website.
And we made a stop!

for starmart bus express and many bus companies for that matter, journey to malacca starts from golden mile complex in beach road in kallang, singapore. it is just a 5-minute walk from nicoll highway mrt (circle line). now, i know better unlike the last time with my brother. we were too lost then!

breinn and i started our journey at 8:30 in the morning and after 4 hours, we were already under malacca's hot sun! 


Round-trip Bus Fare (SGD57.75 or roughly USD46)
Singapore - Malacca : SGD35*
Malacca - Singapore : SGD20
Booking Fee: SGD2.75

*It was expensive because it fell on a weekend and I think, anything outbound from Singapore is more expensive. tsk tsk


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