Saturday, January 7, 2012

the christmas season in a not so far away land

the not so far away land is just 4 hours away by plane from home. though those hours can mean shelling out more money than my comfort during the christmas season. so, i stayed in this little red dot in the globe which is singapore!

it was the first time i was away from home during christmas. not that we really have such a big celebration in our family. it's more of the time that we spend together because all throughout the year each of us has our own affairs. my brother and i engulf with our work in separate locations. my sister with her studies while my parents are back home nurturing the future generation of the philippines.

it's also the time that we will be able to catch up with our relatives, bond with them and give small gifts to each other for it's the spirit of gift-giving after all. for the past 3 years or so, every christmas i come up with some little things that i can give to my relatives who are simply living the rural life sans the city's rat race. that would have to forgo in 2011 and good thing, my brother was there to fill that post.

Christmas 2011

it wasn't really a very dramatic christmas in which i would be all alone in my room, crying my heart out with no one to talk to over the phone or in the internet because everyone would be fussing all around at home. but probably for a minute, it kinda hit me but not that hard for i was able to spend my christmas with my cousins who are already based here in singapore for many years. i had myself adopted by them during the christmas eve, went to mass, and overloaded my body with much carbo to last me a month!