Saturday, November 19, 2011

flying with silkair - cebu to singapore

this blog has yet again taken one of its many frequent pauses (both palms on my face now). anyway, i kinda have a valid excuse this time, because i just recently did the biggest decision in my life which i think i hinted in my previous posts. so after i was finished with my 2 month-notice period at work (and yeah, i quit!), i then made a roundabout course in my life and decided to move out not just into a different city but into a different country altogether which is singapore!

that's why, i'll be talking about the route from cebu to singapore through silkair. :)

silkair serves as the regional wing of singapore airlines with flights across the asia pacific including india and china. it has direct flights to both cebu and davao and it has daily flights in and out of cebu although on some days it still detours to davao.

Silkair Airbus A320
and yes, because this airline is a wholly owned subsidiary of singapore airlines, one would expect that this is not in any way a budget airline. there's no slight chance ever to hope for their international airfares to go as low as your fare to the neighboring town.

but looking at the different aspects of an airline, i pretty much valued its services and i could say that i definitely got what i deserved though i was only flying with economy class during my flights with them.

well, here are the highlights of my experience with silkair.